Expired Homes Should store items


I think many people here are missing the point a bit. Even if the system doesn’t bother you personally, it’s definitely driving off players and both we and the devs should listen.


Does this only works if you know you are taking a break? I cannot see players every time they add to a base or put something in storage they plan to use later marking it. And isn’t that another item to track for every block in the game? If it is marked for storage or not? I keep thinking I read somewhere that they have used most of the space allocated for each block already.


yea tbh my idea there is not the best it des require thinking a few steps ahead but at the varly lest it would save your machines and power coils the stuff that takes the longest to get

same either that or cuz with AWS resources = cost adding even 1 “stornage world” would be say a extra $5 a month could be a lack of benefit vs cost without making it a part of gleam club which would just defeat the purpose


If you read my past posts you know in general I am not really a fan of changing what happens when beacons expire. But too many people are complaining for it to be ignored in my opinion. I am trying to find a way that seems to fit existing game mechanics and that is not giving every player “Sanctum Storage” without creating a unnecessary burden for the developers. One point James made is how do you go about letting the player access what is stored. That is why my suggestion for player storage being created on a separate server/planet when a beacon expires. I also think to allow for unplanned as well and planned events, the system has to automatically make some determination on what to store and what not to store.

I would think the cost of one planet would not be bad. . Now making it hold 10,000 beacons (since the game sold 20,000 + copies according to steam) might be a bit of a challenge. That is why I think there has to be some time limit and some storage limit. You and I can discuss what we think is right, but I am curious what a few of the former players that lost everything might also think.


I’m curious, why don’t people who plan on taking a break just log out with as much as they can in their inventories?


depending on how many alts the person has if they even have any alts they may not have that much room to get all the items they would need to get back into the game later


I think this is false, but what items would someone need to get back into the game? How many slots does it take to preserve this kit?


Here is my take on this… Forget to fuel your beacon and it burns Too Bad it is what it is!!!

However if you KNOW you are taking a break and the Devs add Blueprints (one type to clone something and one type maybe more expensive to store the beacon -all structures, all stuff in boxes, EVERYTHING WHERE IT IS that you can later drop somewhere new) that would be a Welcome addition!!!


What you describe in your post is a massive over-complication of the idea. In my example, the “storage retrieval server” is not a planet. It’s a simple server that just has a database of what blocks are stored for each user. There are no plots. No day cycle. No creatures. No AIs. No fluid simulation. Etc. It’s not a world. It’s a database. The user interface to this database can be whatever. A list of items (like the give item window on test) with a “retrieve” button. It can be a dynamically generated room full of storage boxes (the room doesn’t exist anywhere on a planet server, it’s just a user interface to the storage database). Or whatever. We don’t care. But why would it be a planet… that makes no sense at all.


Because James stated that the issue was how to return the items. How does a list return the items to the player?


The same way the give item menu does. Or however else they feel like doing it.


So your suggesting that the player can access a list of everything they had by color, type, and the other identifying traits and just move what they select them into their personal inventory?


That’s correct.


It’s just a syncing issue to the player when they do not log on in a while.m or come around that beacon.


Yep I do this to those who build in my town and align their beacons to my guild. I can throw fuel in it. Now I don’t want to baby sit your stuff if you’re not coming back but I will take care if you are just breaking or have some kind of issues.


Lol what? Hard privileged players? Dude, stop complaining and be a adult. If you are not then your conversations seems to take shape. It’s the thrill of the game. People like you will always find someone to help hold your hand. Really. What Gina said is easy. How is she privileged? I’m sorry but she has not left the game and if she did she would do EXACTLY what she just recommended. It’s common sense. Greater beacon fuel is cheap now to buy. If you don’t play than why do you need your stuff. If you don’t play to craft the fuel than why are you worried about keeping anything? This aspect of the game is NOT creative mode. I would suggest as I did before to implement a mode like that. The game still would keep us. I love the economy and salvaging. I love mostly everything about this game minus what could be added. If I left I would as I DID craft greater fuel. OR as I do in this game I work my butt off to get what I have. This rolls into the game by purchasing years of gleam club. You don’t need gleam club to not lose your stuff. That is the only privilege that NEEDS to be paid for!


The issue with this has never really been the “storage” aspect of the user data after they leave. That is easy to solve. It is the identification of the data and enumerating through it at the point of “beacon expiration” and how not to overload the existing planetary servers.

Additionally, changing something like this in game play changes a large aspect of the game dynamics. There are people on both sides of the camp that support “saving player stuff” and support “exploration and finding treasure.” The challenge has been to navigate that situation. Not to mention the reality that saving player stuff is probably farther down on the priority list over other things especially since players leave for a variety of reasons.


+the 10 donkeys


I get it. Hunting expired beacons is your lifeblood. I and others are making the case that the current state of the game satisfies those who get their thrill from raiding expired beacons, but alienates orders of magnitude more players who lose their hard-earned items. Fueling once every four months, asking for help, etc. sound simple and easy. They are indeed simple, but they’re not easy. That’s the psychology of it.

You don’t need to worry about me. With my 1000++ hours in the game and as a forum participant and gleam club subscriber, I’m pretty solidly in the hardcore privileged camp. My support for this thread’s suggestion is because I want the game to retain more players, not because it would benefit me personally.


Yes but your point is mnot that good in my opinion. The lack of responsibility falls on those who lose their beacons given the options. Not the one who simply comes across a dead build ( do to LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY.