Expiring beacons/plots with gleam club?

I just deleted a location because it looked like the one above, but I have GC. So everything expired & my plots are gone, but I have GC? If I do a build and don’t visit often enough, even with GC it expires? Going to warp there using the coords to see if it’s actually gone…will update.

Update…yup, none of this is mine.

Is it possible that I removed this build before I ever got GC and it’s still showing on my list because I didn’t remove it from my UI?

I would like to find out exactly what happened here also. I have had some say that but was there and normal when i ported there. GC is glitchy.

Can you PM us the details of the beacon and details of when you think you purchased the gleam club?

(My first assumption is that the beacon had already expired before you got gleam club and it’s just presented badly suggesting that it’s still fuelled.)

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I got Gleam Club recently and still keep getting warnings every now and then for random beacons.
I just got this warning today but when I open the places tab the warning just flashes for a second on one beacon and then disappears but as you can see in the second picture there is still a warning on the top banner.

I think these are GUI only issues. We will fix them.

But I don’t think any beacons are at risk here.

The system that protects the beacons with Gleam Club worlds totally independently from the GUI which is attempting to present the status. Clearly there are still a few areas not correctly taking into account the Gleam Club status.

  1. Yes - the presentation should be better and it’s clearly incorrect, but
  2. No beacon was lost. I did remove it right before I bought Gleam Club again :+1: