Explaining Footfall post Release 211


ok just covering the bases there, I hope someone can confirm the results and get back with you :slight_smile:


No. The mall/roads are on a single beacon. After the Guild update and after the prestige reached city status, the settlement generated a “greater settlement” which I named The Gyosha Syndicate, and is warden of itself…even though I am still the warden. There is no beacon for the greater settlement and it has the #1 prestige. Not sure how or if I can regain control or if it matters. I tried re-plotting the whole mall to get everyone on the Gyosha Syndicate prestige settlement, but that was in vain, so I dunno.


The roads in the Gyosha Mall are owned by the char majorvex and the beacon is aligned to the guild TGS.
If my tests are correct, the character majorvex cannot gain footfall on any beacon anywhere inside the greater settlement Gyosha Syndicate from anyone who is a member of TGS, even if he is not representing TGS.

On a different note, since 213 my footfall is about 50% of what it was before the update. On multiple locations on different planets.


I think I see what may be happening. I think they finally disabled alts generating footfall in beacons owned by the same account. :slight_smile:

Edit: Scratch that, my alt must have been under the 1 day cooldown. It worked with a fresh beacon :frowning:


So after all these updates are noteworthy beacons still running at 50% or is the new and improved footfall starting to level off with happier numbers?


Iirc I thought that guild aligned beacons weren’t generating footfall for people that stepped on the land if they were in the guild. So my question to you is are your beacons aligned to a big guild?


My understanding is the only time a character will not generate footfall is if they have permissions on the beacon. This is regardless of guilds.

EDIT: (Or, of course, if they return to the beacon within 24 hours of last payment…)


High-volume beacon owners are reporting about 90% of pre-211 Footfall, while lower-volume beacon owners are all reporting sizable increases.


I own a mall and increase in foot traffic daily. I am getting close to pre 211. around 90%. Its picking up slowly


Guess I’ll have to go find the post because some one tested it and I could have sworn it was only aligned


Relevant posts (in this topic) in order of oldest to newest, and yes it was only aligned. Very weird behavior, I don’t think it should work like that… at least not for aligned beacons. Guild-owned sorta makes a little bit of sense.


Two days now of really low footfall. Yesterday was 25% of normal, today on one beacon absolutely nothing and on another around 50% of normal. @james, please could you let me know if this is now working as intended?



Well I can’t tell you from a Dev’s perspective but I can tell you my Gyosha Mall shop has maintainted 3-5k daily. Just picked up 3k a few minutes ago, around 14 or so hours since last checked.

EDIT: For perspective my shop never had more than 2k pre-211.


Its good it’s working for many. However it was stated that no one would end up with less.


Fair, but more some days plus less some days equals about the same over time- so it depends on how they want to calculate it. Perhaps you’ve simply had less traffic? It would be nice to have a stat letting us now how many visitors (or payments, if that’s easier to code) one has received over the last 24 hrs (or whatever time frame they choose) that way people will already know why they’ve gotten less footfall over a period of time.


As footfall is based on player movement your footfall can vary dramatically based on player movement. 0 visitors will result in 0 footfall. The system changes pre-211 and now hasn’t really changed that dramatically.

Clearly there will be days then your footfall will be lower - but this is always relative to your visitors. In these periods it would have been lower pre-211.


May just be a fluke. but last 2 days mine has been lower by a good margin also. Not do to 25% though. I am seeing a 10-15% lose. Nothing huge or worth complaining. May be just a decline in players till next updates.
But my mall has seemed busier then ever last 2 days.


Okay, your shops get 3 to 5k daily.

My market gets 6 to 8k. Does that make sense?? Not to me…

Which is about 60 to 70% of what it used to be…


Mine has been pretty steady ever since I posted the last test, at least so far.

Perhaps the people that usually visit you have been focusing on the event and didn’t have time to come by?


Maybe the game should tell ppl how many visitors they had since they last collected the footfall