Explaining Footfall post Release 211


Lol thousand people on mine. Haven’t grabbed my coin since the ff change.


If players want to get a constant amount of Footfall per day, then we simply need a different solution. The current system is driven purely by visitors. Visitors is the only driver of variation per day, Visitors vary and hence footfall varies. If your footfall is down 20%, then I assume your visitors is down 20%. (All other things being equal.)

There are alternatives.


I’m of the opinion that footfall is fine as is (and of course leaving open the option to finetune values to balance the economy as the need arises).

I think people would be less fixated on it (or worried about it) if they had another semi-passive revenue stream, like my suggestion above:


footfall would be fine as is, if I / we had another way of generating coin.
I feel I’ve done everything I can to improve the amount of footfall I get, short of building a big store or a portal hub.

Thanks for your responses though James, it is appreciated.


I liked footfall the way it was, 1 visit = set # of coins, whether it’s 1 visit or 300. The new system punishes mega beacons and portal hubs - the most useful builds in Boundless took a pay cut - while rewarding the hermit who gets 9 visitors per week with double footfall. Sure, mega hubs still earn “good” money but they kinda got jipped in this update.

Not as big of a concern as when footfall was on a 24 day timer though.


“24” days. It was actually 14 or less. Maintenance used to reset the ff timer and any time servers crashed it was reset as well.


At Chateau Excelsior (over Two million Prestige) I have not recorded a footfall since before Christmas . I have submitted my log multiple times . I have never received a response so I have no idea if my tickets have been looked at or ignored.
Prestige what a joke .


Are you saying you’ve gotten exactly 0c footfall for over a month?


Yes as stated , no footfalls since December. Approx. stopped around the time the town of Crater Lakes(Maryx) died.

A few week old pic included


New pic, any help is greatly appreciated.


I see on the last tab of the last screenshot that your beacon is “Bridging multiple settlements” which would cause your issue.I’ll come see if I can help you find the problem. How does one reach your beacon?


Maybe bridging settlements description could be updated to tell that beacon doesn’t provide footfall. Might help in issues like above.


I have a portal at the Maryx PS Hub and a portal at “Morning Wood” Maryx


A huge Thank You to Arkir who took the time to help me .I’m no longer seeing settlements cannot merge,


I’m glad I was able to help! Let me know if any other issues arise!


I will , thank you very much sir. Made my day .


Bastion/Chateau Excelsior is now a Town :smiley:


gz man (tenchars)


Maybe the bridging bullshit could just be removed from the game. It’s a major annoyance that most players suffer from early on.


Its there for a good reason, i know it bothers more then it needs though.
Its there so 1 person cant 1wide out to connect the whole planet and steal cities for prestige.
Does need maybe a distance though. But you have always had to connect 3wide as long as ive been playing