Explorer chest


its a box container whatever that lets you put stuff in (limited amount)
and its reachable on any beacon ya add the box to
since a beacon needs fuel this can not be used as extra carying storage
it doesnt accept resources offcoarse only finished tools and weapons , chisels foodz


So you’re talking like a static storage that won’t take components…just finished/cooked items? If I get you right, it seems like a neat idea. I personally love the shelves and blocks we currently have, but I also get why some people want chests with larger storage.


This idea and chests are still good ideas and a good movement in the right direction on better item storage options. The more we have, the better.


So basically like an ender cheat, but in Boundless? This would need to be pretty advanced, and idk how I feel about it. .


an advanced beacon you can craft. i like it


I would like such chest. Would be great on travels when you strife through harsh worlds and want to at least protect you precios spare tools/weapons which should not suffer penality damage before they are even used.


That could be good… maybe combine a beacon with a couple of storage chests (like the selling plinth). Give it a power slot as well and you can feed it Oort shards to retrieve stored items from “void” space.


yeah thats like what i had in mind :smile:
i like the fueling idea to it must not be something to abuse but some handy help for high level players

at moment i just use a portal that i move around to buildsites cuase they all around the city but i want also start on other planets if i could maintain an universal storage this would help alot for like helping on other friends builds with out running back home over 8planets to get ya hammer ya forgot home :smile:


I’m really starting to love this idea. the box might just hold 4 items but skills in exsploration could increase that.