Exploring & Building Worlds

I think that when OortOnline becomes a bigger and complete game there will be alot of griefers in worlds, so i think that there sound be fre Building worlds and exploration worlds.

In building worlds you fan build and destroy what you want if its not inside a beacon, bit in a exploration world you need to get a beacon and place it where you want it to be able to break and build blocks witch means that griefers can’t break/destroy the surrondings around your beacon/home wich alot of players will be gratefull of.

(Sorry if my english is bad i’m from sweden)

i think they talked about having worlds where you cant place beacon.

everything not in a beacon are going to regenerate back to the natural state, so if a griefer digs out an entire area, it will just get filled again over time.


Ohh, ok i didnt know that thanks for telling me!

No problem :smiley:

Yeah, having worlds where you cannot build beacons and the regeneration set so that your buildings are vanishing after let’s say four to six hours we could have great fun there. Hope this option is also for the main game and not for private/rent worlds only. And yes, I think buildings should also be needed on some of those worlds if it comes to save shelter or a roof above the head against obstacles like acid rain or something like that (hope for that on higher/harder worlds) :wink:

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