Extra Damage Slingbow Augment 1

How do I craft an "Extra Damage Slingbow Augment 1" ?  I have one in my invertory from when I played long ago.  My character has since been reset.  But I have what I believe used to be the required skills, machines, and ingredients to make it, yet I do not see the recipe in the workbench machine.  

This item looks like a blue four pointed star and fits into a slingbow in a socket of the same shape on top of it.   on a crafting site "http://boundlesscrafting.com/crafting/slingbow-extra-damage-crystal" it is called "Slingbow Extra Damage Crystal".  I it is (or was) made in the Workbench and takes 1 Copper Bar and 4 Ancient Wood Timber to craft.one  - and one of them yields 20 charges (shots).  It took the "Advanced Item Recipes" skill, which I now have again.  

This item does not show up in the Knowledge in-game interface for me either.  Has it been removed from the game ?

They’ve been removed from the recipe list whilst they are being redone / balanced with other upcoming items

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