Extra fuel slots

Hi @james,

I just opened my first large portal a week or so ago. And was wondering if we could get more oort fuel slots?

I know you probably can’t lower the cost, due to too many portals and what not.

But if I could put more oort in my portal so it wouldn’t die in 4 days, then I would greatly appreciate it. It eats 8 shards an hour, which is understandable, but if I could put like 4 smart stacks in instead of just one for the larger portal structures I’d appreciate it. So it could last a couple of weeks at a time at least.


miilion people asked that then they invented meteor ichor …


Ah, but the way meteor ichor is implemented, it is almost non-obtainable by the vast majority of players due to difficulty of gathering it in any real quantity.

Expanded slots for fuel would solve the problem though. Or they should make ichor drop in all meteors.

As I tried once to gather ichor, and it’s just not a feasible option the way it is implemented.

72 for a mass craft to get I think 25 ichor shards is not reasonable in current form, since there are not steady hunts on t7 exos.

I would need 2,592 ichor to fuel 900 shards into the portal once.

That’s quite unobtainable, even if I hunted 24/7

Edit: to clarify, I wouldn’t mind using ichor, if I could actually obtain it in constant and real quantities so I can fuel my big portal. But expanded slots might make more sense and take less dev time.