Fall damage protection potion


It’d be cool to have a brew that negates all fall damage. The catch is, once you take fall damage the buff is consumed. So whether you took 14 damage or 14,000 damage, your character is safe but loses the buff. Could be handy for builders in high places.


It’d be nicer if it had a buffer, like a rank 5 could negate… let’s say 250 meters of falling, being 50 per rank of the brew.


The Builder’s Safety guild buff does this


Isn’t it only in a beaconed area though?


Beaconed + guild aligned, yeah

Was OP just wanting a buff for full overworld fall damage protection?


Not so great though if you’re running across a field and lose it to a 4 block fall… =/


Of all the suggestions on the threads so far, I think this would be most reasonable!! I think it would be better to have the levels of potions protect different amounts of damage as a total.

Small potion protects 100 damage. 4 block drop subtracts 12 dam leaving 88 protection.

This would especially be reasonable due to the fact that if you have jump epic, your natural jump can hurt. That’s kinda ridiculous in my opinion. Suicide by jumping up and down.


I fell 4 blocks the other day and it did almost 11k damage. I think fall damage needs to be reworked entirely, lol. But potions sound like a good start : )


What if fall damage just gets fixed? Isn’t it broken?


Technically it’s not broken, it just works “realistically” based on velocities, angles of impact and the hardness of the material you hit. Sometimes this produces, uh, weird results, like running in to a sign on a floor fast enough damages you. Or running up a slope and hitting your head on the ceiling etc.


Fall damage is proportional to total health, and isn’t Ann absolute value depending on height alone… my 600 hp guy stubs his toe on a stubborn block in my build, he gets 14 dmg. If my hunter with 2k hp does it, its almost 100dmg… i wish resistances of all kinds including armor were similarly % based instead of absolute values…


There is no need for that potion, as Fallon said the builders safety buff is already plenty fall protection. Pair that with a floating pie you get 0 dmg~

edit: What I would love to see is water breathing potion or scubagear of some kind, that would be cool~


Yup, we kinda got that with sinking feeling; its not pure water breathing, but it is semi permanent & stacks with food, brew, bomb and guild buffs although it can’t be reliably made.

This is why my sinking max MagLight is probably my most valuable tool in my collection- and its a stone spanner.


This! Lol I accidentally equipped a “jump ahead” axe while holding my first solidifier totem that had bouncy feet on it. My character has jump epic. Instant double jump from the axe the moment i equipped it and dead in under 3s… I’m sure she got listed on the boundless Darwin awards that day


Uuuhhh I never knew, do you think it would enable me to build underwater and I mean in the really able way of chiseling the outside of buildings while underwater without drowning fast? ^^

Never looked at quirks tbh lol


It doubles the time you can spend underwater and makes you sink faster, seems mostly intended to help ppl dive-gather stuff in deep lakes / seas… i would not bet on it to keep you alive for longer than about a minute underwater nope.

On a side note, a high level home healing guild buff might be able to keep you alive underwater if your character has a small enough hp pool…

Edit- let me clarify, drowning is a %damage, taking about 5 “gulps” to kill any player from max health.
Home healing gives an absolute amount of healing per time frame. I dont have the numbers on me, but for argument if it heals 1k every 5s… then it will fully heal a 600hp character every 5s, while it takes longer than 5s to drown. Hence- you are now immortal.


The same effect or additional effect could be achieved by healing potions, not the instant ones but the ones over time. I know I’ve used those to stay under water longer…

Tho now, I just remove the darn water and if I want it back later, I put it back. You can always make small pockets of air if you want, just put a few block above you and use a 3x3 liquid break under it…


thank you two, that could actually work. Home healing with the regen and some air bubbles. got no problem getting down to sea floor just the outside of buildings is what kept me for reasons~
I ma gonna try that.

Yea air bubbles all nice but if I plot out and remove the water it will be a pain to fill it back up once I am done with the chiseling.


If there’s still water above you removing the few blocks you placed to get air bubble will fill up again…


Guess I just ran out of excuses not to build underwater lol \ o_o /