Falling through the world

Are you actually falling through the world - or is there just a visual hole in the world?

a visual thing and it goes away when restarting but it comes back too

So this is a messing issue, either:

  1. The game doesn’t realise that something needs updating, or
  2. It is updating the area and meshing it incorrectly.

Is this always happening in the same spot? How can we reproduce the issue?

yes it is always in the same area and if I remember correctly Turakea and predatoxic have the same issue
At first I just thought it was because near a beacon which I didn’t have access but now I do so that can’t be it.

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I can’t repo it.

I don’t know what to say or do :flushed: but this morning everything was okay for the brief moments I was on.

About two weeks ago my internet speed was pretty low. There i could reproduce this bug. It seems like if you join the server it takes some more time due to the lack of bandwidth. If the world is finally loaded and you click “teleport to capital” the exact thing can happen. You fall and fall and fall and finally hit the ground. Then I was dead.
And about the visual thing. This happend there too.