FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World

When I ordered mine it only asked for the region I wanted

Can meteors spawn on A player owned Sovereign world and hunts happen on a player owned Sovereign world? How would that work with permissions if so?

Curious about how region selection works. Is it possible to select the world it orbits or would one have to play the RNG slot machine until one gets their world orbiting the planet they want?

What happens if you choose the smaller plans but your world ends up getting a bit more popular than server can handle concurrently. Is there a way to upgrade to the 6km?


Can only 40 people play at the same time on a 6km long world or can only 40 people plot?

Re the greyed out ‘Redeem’ button - the process of generating your World consumes the key for you. If you follow the generation form, you won’t need to use the Redeem button for now (that’ll be used when you later try to apply a World Fuel).

Thanks for the reports we’ll update that.


40 people at the same time :blush:


So we have 100 People In a guild… We make a guild planet lets say 6km one… So 40% of our guild can play there others are In the mean while playing ping pong?

Im sorry but that feels a bit dumb To me… Are these final slot we are getting?


@Leahlemoncakes Could you confirm that you do not get the decide around which Permanent World your Creative World is in orbit? That might make or break the deal for me.

Can confirm from my ordering. The web form said it is randomly decided during generation i think.

@SamF @Leahlemoncakes will we get email or a PM or a notification in game when our world has been generated?


Creative Worlds can we Warped and Bridged to from ANY world so that should hopefully cover that for you :blush:


The game currently reports it :blush:
Let me know if you’re experiencing any issues though!


Did this change? I understand you can warp from any planet, but I thought the bridge was limited to one blink sec distance? This would be a change from test and prior statements.


And in the form, how are biomes presented? I imagine there are thumbnails, but are they clear enough?

@Leahlemoncakes a question i saw was can you upgrade your planet for example from the minimum to the maximum? so buy first an 9.99 and if you want upgrade to a 39,99

never mind there’s no logic behind that
since it increases the planet in size so it would have to be regenerated


how many biomes total ? does planet size matter ?

and can we pick coastline ? (I mean natural vs spirals for example)


I mightve missed this, but does the natural regeneration still happen or is there no regen at all (like exos) on sovereign worlds?

The world generation process takes between 10 minutes and 20 minutes depending on the size of the world and complexity of the biomes. The building queue is quite deep at the moment. The world deployment process only takes maybe 20 seconds.

Worlds are going online in order of purchase.

So if you’re just buying a world now, it will take a few hours before it’s live.


Some info regarding biome selection…

  • T1 & T2
    • at least 8 level 2 biomes
    • at least 4 level 3 biomes
    • at least 1 level 4 biome
  • T3
    • at least 4 level 2 biomes
    • at least 5 level 3 biomes
    • at least 3 level 4 biomes
    • at least 1 level 5 biome
  • T4
    • at least 1 level 2 biome
    • at least 3 level 3 biomes
    • at least 5 level 4 biomes
    • at least 3 level 5 biomes
    • at least 1 level 6 biome
  • T5
    • at least 1 level 3 biome
    • at least 3 level 4 biomes
    • at least 5 level 5 biomes
    • at least 3 level 6 biomes
    • at least 1 level 7 biome
  • T6
    • at least 1 level 4 biome
    • at least 3 level 5 biomes
    • at least 5 level 6 biomes
    • at least 3 level 7 biomes
    • at least 1 level 8 biome

Biome selection screen looks like this…

Edit: hopefully made it a bit more readable!