FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World

  1. There will be a pop-up notification in-game. It will also appear in your locations menu, under “Worlds”.
  2. You can craft a world control now and take it with you.
  3. Probably not.
  4. I don’t believe it will be possible. The blinksec distance would be too far.
  5. You’ll need to go to your rental planet and place a beacon (like normal}, then place a world control.
  6. They’ll all have to make their way to the correct region/nearest planet and warp.
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You can see your Sovereign planets in the sanctum, but if you are too far from it, you may not be able to warp to it.

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Thx for the reply.
How will i know what planet is closest to my rental planet? ( hope i dont have to go search every planet to locate my rental planet)

Are you a PC player?

yes i am playing on a pc

One method is to go to the region you picked for your rental planet: ie USW
Then go to a planet with a similar tier #. It should cost 100c to warp to it.

The other way is to use this method:

Use the debug to get your world ID #
Then use the app on the forum to pull your planet info

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Do u have to buy fuel to

Yes FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World


Actually, I found out my private planet is accessible through the Sanctum, that makes it WAY easier!

Your rented planets will all appear in the sanctum :+1:
There is a coin cost, that depends on how close you are to it.

I feel like a good warning for the process when selecting t6 planets would be “you won’t be able to make a direct portal here from any t1-t4 planets”

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Once your sovereign world is generated it will appear in your places menu under “worlds”. I do t remember if it says which planet it orbits but if you go to the sanctum you should be able to warp to it from there.

Also, if you bought tier 5 planet on US East it should be orbiting around a permanent tier 5 US East planet.

Long thread, and nice to finally have private planets. I do have a couple questions though…

  1. No unlimited plotting on surival/sovereign planets that you OWN ? If not this is a huge let down =(

I have 20k+ plot builds I would like to make happen, but with legitimately obtained resources. And I ain’t gonna farm 20k plots. That just ain’t my cup-o-tea. But I find 100% creative modes boring…

  1. Can you hypothetically make a creative planet into your own personal private portal network? =D

Example: I heard it’s 1 blinksec from every other planet or something. I realize you can’t transfer items from creative worlds. But can you use creative worlds to get to other planets…? As in all of the planets?

  1. Yeah, I tried. Even suggested they at least provide 1000 plots with the purchase or something. Especially for newer players that haven’t been around long. I think Aenea suggested XXXX plots for every 30 days for the founder, or something like that (which would have been great too).

  2. It wouldn’t be worth the trouble imo because you come out where you were before. This was all hashed out during testing because most wanted to avoid a free/no-oort network. Go to someone’s creative planet and check out how the creative portals (aka “bridges”) work (it’s not how most people think they do).


Ah, so you can’t take a Maryx portal to a private world and then warp to McRib from there?


You could go Maryx - Sovereign - Closer Sovereign - Malu. If you go to a Creative planet, you will exit where you came in, unless you go to another Creative planet.

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Thanks for clarifying! I wish we’d had these private world options on launch day but it’s good to have them now.

I just gotta figure out what I’m gonna do with one since none of the options fit my eccentric dreams :joy:

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I’m curious to see what everyone does with them once the newness wears off and the excitement over new colors dies down a bit. We’ll get to see what themes people go with, how they manage their planet, etc.


I would like some official answer To this.

Some say its ok… Some its not…

From my view this is definately AGAIN one big Grey area if this is allowed.

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I would say it might be against their own ToS & unethical to a degree, but they specifically wanted to allow other players to pay irl $$$ to buy planet fuel/keys for planets that they don’t own. They did not provide any conditions or rules. It’s not against the rules to trade with other players.

If Jimmy buys a fuel code for Tommy today…and Tommy gives Jimmy a manager type position in his guild in exchange tomorrow… :woman_shrugging:

What if Jimmy promises Tommy he’ll give him the #1 spot in the neighborhood next to the hub if Tommy gives him a fuel code & both parties are happy? What happens if Jimmy changes his mind? Does Tommy get a refund?

I agree there should be more info.

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