Farewell, Big Dumb Sky Donut!

My big, dumb, sky half-donut I built maybe a year ago is finally all unplotted. It’s all Refined Metamorphic Rock, so if anyone wants some of that for free, come get it. Otherwise, it’ll be taken by the Wild.

This is in Pixelgate (Solum) in the desert beside the Oortian Temple. It’s above a big Steve with the beginnings of a castle on his head. You can’t miss it.

Go Wild.


I managed to grapple my way up there shortly after you first constructed it. (Grapples were insane back then) The view was amazing! Farewell, good donut. :smile:


but but the sky will look empty now… :cry:


I have been wondering who did that big Steve. That is one of favorite builds in the game right now. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it.


I don’t think I’ll be able to get more before the wilds of Solum reclaim it, but I thank you for the bounty of stone Pendragon! With some careful navigating I managed to mine 919 blocks (though a number of them wont stack…I noticed that with some of my own Decorative Sedimentary too, not sure why?) and 98 Spark Cord. Getting up there with only an Iron Grapple was an adventure in itself as I crawled through Steve and then dangled what felt like miles into the air to reel myself up there. And the view…what a view! Glad for the adventure of it all :slight_smile:


It looks like I arrived shortly after evendel left. Getting up there was some of the most fun grappling I have done in a long time. Double grappling and swinging brought back good memories. I only had an hour at lunch, but I managed to harvest ~800. I plan to retrofit my home with it. Thank you very much.

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I’m glad you enjoyed it while it was there! And yes, grapples were even more overpowered than now. Hehe. I sort of miss it. :slight_smile:


Not for long. :wink:

Well thank you. ^.^ I quite enjoyed its construction! I’ll be getting back to construction on the castle soon, as well.

Aww, I’m glad to hear you had an adventure with it! :smiley: I thought about making an easier way to get up to it, but I decided against it. Figured I’d let players find their own way. :wink: Enjoy the stone!

EDIT: Also, someone should teach me how to do the quote reply thing so I don’t respond to a bunch of responses in separate responses like this. XD

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Does it notify still the person that you quote that they received a response even if it wasn’t a direct reply?

yep, you get a notification that you were quoted :slight_smile:

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Hey I wanted to follow up on this to show you. The donut blocks aren’t just sitting on a self somewhere going to waste. There on side of my house and they look great. Thanks again.


Great house :smiley:


Thanks man

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Mines similar to the lower section …I did try adding the upper bits like you have but they just didn’t quite look right on mine so I just stuck with the main section … you’ve nailed it though :smiley: …I might have another go at some time in the future.


Well that’s just wonderful. I’m glad to hear the pieces of my donut went to a good home. ^.^


That build is sick, i always liked the off-stacked multi-structure style of building. It’s not easy to pull off, but just like greyart said, you nailed it!