Farming - An in-depth guide to a feature that doesn't exist. Update #3 05/21/18


Trumpet root:

Traveller’s perch:
raw exotic yams

Tar-spotted fungus thingy (name)
Reactive lamella
(Blue orbs)

(Old cacti)
Raw exotic earthyam

-still @ work will update in 3h


The surface resources are on already :wink:

I’d be interested in peoples findings on soil/gravel/mud and foliage specific drops so I can add them to the site!


Some of it seems wrong though @Stretchious, like the Trumpet Root is listed as dropping fibrous leaves only, and I think it drops beans, but not fibrous leaves…


I’ll get the old plants updated tonight. I knew they were due to change as they’re deemed as alien type plants now. Thanks for the heads up!


Rosetta Nox:

will also occasionally drop a petal

Trumpet Root

Raw Waxy Earthyam
Spicy Bean
Sweet Bean
Bitter Bean

Traveller’s Perch

Raw Exotic Earthyam
Fleshy Leaf
Fibrous Leaf
Inky Leaf


Can you get me the exact item name for the petal?


There may not be very many replies to this thread but ifeel like there is enough support that i really want to continue updating the thread. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm shown so far.

Heres hoping that the farming feature in the works by the devs (or at least in the planning stage) takes some inspiration by what is written here. You guys are awesome, this goes out to the community and devs.


The exact item name is Petal… ITEM_PETAL_BASE and the id is 32886.


ty I thought it would be something closer to dark petal or inky petal. ill be sure to update my reply with it


Its only “Petal”, .


Im using what knowledge I do have of game balancing from other titles to try and keep things as balanced as possible so if someone sees something in need of tweaking let me know.


As I’ve worked on this over the past few days I’ve had the Chocobo theme stuck in my head the ENTIRE time.



Sounds like some folk music over here… :slight_smile:


Sorry for the pause in updates. kinda got hooked into the last 2 chapters of Final Fantasy XV lol. Ill be in for an update shortly.


So given the fact that Rosetta Nox looks so much like Black Lotus. I think it would make sense to make a poison slingbow or add modifiers. Like attachment slots to the slingbows. This gives the petals more uses imo and further increases their value.


Ways to make money doing this. Lets say someone has a rather large farm, they want to keep the income coming in so they tell whoever happens to be in their town they have a coup[le job positions available if they want to fertilize, plant, water and harvest. In order to get paid they have to sell the plants they harvest to one of the many request baskets.

Granted a scenario like that would only work if the farm was already profitable. The other option is the normal, pay a bit in advance and the rest after the jobs done. I would definately like a better way to pay out. Like a request box or wall that offers player made quests that would essentially allow players to take on repeatable quests. Along with this, while the quest is active it would give that player, say permissions to plant and harvest on a farm.


Dear Devs PLEASE make this happen!


Id likke to appologise for the hiatus from this project. ive had some issues come up that basicallyinvolve a lot of dental work and the innability to really focus on a miriad of topics at once. Basically I kind of stopped because ive had a lot on my mind.

I will try to be back at some point in the near future. I was going to list my coords here so others might benifit from my claim but it seems someone else managed to get to it first. Kind of wish theyd have left my completed atlas though. That thing took way too long to fill x_x. Ah well, such is life.

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful time. I’ll try to pop in once and a while to see how development goes and how you guys fare.


You can pick up another empty atlas and apply all of your discovered regions directly to it. No need to find them all again.


That is reassuring <3 I grinded the whole thing out in like 4ish hours so I’m not so keen on doing it again for the same planet. :stuck_out_tongue: