Farming and experience

I am pretty sure this may have been talked about before, but I have been playing a lot recently with my SO and I noticed that her farming character was levelling pretty slowly especially compared to my miner character.

I believe planting seeds should reward experience in the same way placing block does. Tilling the soil should reward experience as well in my opinion. As of right now, the way we managed to circumvent the situation is by having her character do batches of stones in crafting tables the same way most people level up their alts. I just feel like farming is not rewarding enough experience wise.

Any thoughts ? Any way this could be abused ? Thanks.


Cooking yams seems to be an option, as well as cooking glass…

Someone hit lvl 50 cooking yams as well.

I believe it’s the way it is now because of how it was abused. I know there was something to do with plants that was getting abused and things were adjusted because of it. I don’t remember which update it was in tho. But I know there’s patch notes about the xp change.

This does not look as good as what I get mining to be frank. While mining, I get experience hitting everything, I get gems to sell and ores. I can cook the ore to get experience, I can craft stones to get even more experience and I get coins. This does not feel so equal. So, while I didn’t think about cooking Earthyams, I don’t think it compares favourably.

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Maybe the problem is that I am comparing farming activities to mining and that mining might feel slightly overpowered experience wise ?? I realized that gathering does not seem to wield much experience either. Neither does building casually. So I may have approached this the wrong way.

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No, you’re right. Not all playstyles are supported equally. Try hitting lvl 50 as a pure hunter… that’s a nightmare.

Anything where you stay in one spot and perform repetitive actions ends up needing to be restricted. Building and gardening have both had changes (in some cases straight nerfs) due to people finding loopholes to “farm experience” in the safety of a quiet, isolated beacon.

Especially if you’re sitting on a tier 1/2 planet full time, Till/Plant/Harvest is not as risky or as demanding as mining, hunting, exploring, or gathering. It doesn’t have the skill investment or materials cost of something like crafting. I don’t see that someone who is doing this should be leveling at the same pace as someone who is actively out pursuing one of these other activities.

I believe you’re referring to the infamous ‘flower power’ experience exploit during the dark ages?

It was actually rather hilarious at the time, finding people deep in their basements, heads down, deep in concentration, whacking flowers…

I think the solution to this is simple. Award large amounts of experience for harvesting fully grown crops. That will skirt around the idle exploit, while also providing valuable experience for people who prefer the farming lifestyle.


If the devs buff anything to the point it’s worth doing, people will start doing said thing which will result in it being nerfed.

Just make it equally as effective, or at least as close to effective as anything else. A balanced gameplay experience for all playstyles should surely be the aim here?

On the flipside, if something isn’t providing enough reward, then people will look at doing something else instead.

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Nope. Thats from before my time. It was a live release that changed stuff. After the farming release

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Want level up quickly…don’t farm.

Obviously, you are right. However, does it have to be like that ? Farming could be a bit more rewarding experience wise without unbalancing the game or affecting other play styles. Like I said in the OP, I actually don’t farm. I play with my SO and she invests a lot of time in farming and gathering. Her characters are all level 50 now because we play quite a lot, but my miner has 5 pages maxed and my SO’s farming character got to 50 mainly by crafting stones I bring back.

I get that some things can be easily abused but I don’t see how planting seeds and getting XP for it would be more exploitable than putting a block down.

I agree it should dive xp

People shouldn’t be forced to do risky stuff IMO. I think experience should scale with effort, not danger. If people want to live on a t0 with zero mobs and never leave it (I know these don’t exist, but they should), we shouldn’t penalize them for their choice. We should be open to all playstyles.

And I agree, farming and gathering need XP buffs to bring them in line with mining XP. PLEASE do this as a BUFF to farming and gathering not a NERF to mining.


@james I was wondering the same thing. Harvesting seeds gives exp but planting doesn’t. Why? They are both different steps just like placing and removing a block. And talking about exp, I also think forging gives too little exp for the amount of work put into it. This way people who forge and those who farm for a living (lol) can’t level up as quickly.


No nerfs please.


Just provide ways for gathers, farmers, crafters, etc to make equal exp per time spent.

The other forms of playing have all been nerfed in some way due to exploitation. They need to be buffed again in ways to make them non-exploitative, so honest players can level without having to stop everything just to mine in order to level.

The problem is nobody else can level so everyone mines to level. Because it’s the only thing that gives exp.


Thought i would necro this post rather than start a new rant…

I missed it when it was discussed apparently. Never thought of farming as a full on playstyle, but I guess it is, it was such a late addition that it felt more supplemental to me.

I would agree, give small amount of xp for planting (similar to placing gleam or something like that), a smaller amount for tilling (like placing the dirt), and a decent amount from harvesting fully grown crops (maybe make crop yield % act as a multiplier? That way seed yield would be less xp from harvest making more seed consumption be the xp effecient way and increase their rate of burn from the market? As crops themselves are used up in consumables, but seeds only really in farming, and you are only going to plot so many fields right?..)