Farming - Coming to Testing today!


[Flowers] : “Oh, haï. We need water to grow!”
[RedY3] :

[Flowers] : dies from drowning


My chilli plants irl all thrived… Thats until they died… You just jealous i got some watering techniques :joy::joy::joy:


Also, in boundmore’s video (another thread), it struck me that the mulch and cultivator being held looked like Spitter heads, haha!


yeah, had the same perception if it comes to creatures resemblance in tools - forgot to mention in the video, was so focused on explaining and learning the ropes haha

they did have the shapes developed long ago for some decor hunting poles/totems/trophies and here they found use as well


Can’t wait. So excited!


I’m entirely living through you all with this topic… Keep the posts coming!! :heart:

From the whole Ps4 community haha


Yep, this!! :smiley: As long as things stay slow on the work front I’m devouring every bit of info I can get, haha.


Pretty happy, only I find it a bit tough to gather the wild plants, somehow my axe won’t always hit them right.


Yeah I’ve found this to be the case too, many times I think I’m targeting the plant but end up breaking the ground or foliage behind or underneath instead.


Hit the ground, using a block in your offhand makes this alot easier. I generally use a bit of gleam when I need exact targeting like this.


That’s what I ended up doing, targeting the soil beneath or foliage it’s attached to rather than the actual plant.


Exactly. It acts like grass, rather than a surface resource


"for now’’ at least, want to change so that it ‘also’ has a hitbox itself and you can hit either. Hitting the ground works well for tiny seedlings that would have a stupidly small hitbox, but a hitbox will work much better for bigger crop stages.

Long-grass will always be ‘hit ground’ though, or else you’d never be able to hit a small mesh ‘inside’ the long grass (crops cant overlap with other blocks really so not a problem for crops)


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