Farming: Does anyone bother with it?


Did anyone still bother with farming? I tried to look at requirements, and heard scareful stories of other players who quickly abandoned it after at most 2 weeks…

Requirements are insanely complex, require huge surfaces, 2 differents yelds per requirement (crop/seed), and is really tedious to collect. As an example, according to maths, for kindling shreds required to craft the enriched coal fuel type, enriched coal have same spark ratio as “basic” coal, just faster spark generation per tick, and require lots of some endgame stuff (ie petrolim for making high octane, bitumen (wich i dont even know how to do it, dont remember what i read about it in knowledge tab), …

Whats the point of such huge complex, time wise, fun wise, its look like a full day time job to be somewhat competitive… I mean, its supposed to be a game after all, and this is definately not casual player friendly. Even players with big playtime will do much more lucrative ways to make coins…

Feel free to post your opinion about it, and pics of your farm if you want so :wink:


I enjoy the farming. I do not harvest every day, just as I need certain materials… so its like having a stash that refreshes over time in my eyes.


I agree I have large farms and it’s a huge bore. They definitely could improve this area of the game. Even the tiller isn’t aoe. Its almost like the devs Come up with ways , how to grind more.


Kindling shreds are needed to make concrete…

I never bothered much with kindling since it being time consuming to get and grow, for a low yield AND with the only benefit that my furnaces go a little faster it was totally not worth it to me (why use a hard to get fuel with a 6.6 speed when I much more easily can divide what I want to cook/smelt over more than 1 furnace instead?). But ever since the concrete recipe needed it I started to grow a lot of them.

I do feel that large farms are a pain in the behind to work with tho, harvesting is nice, just use an AoE tool, but planting seeds and tilling, blergh, soooooooo slow.

I certainly would farm more when planting would be at the same speed as harvesting was (and please devs, this does not mean you should nerf harvesting speed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Persisting Pies - ‘nuff said

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I do kindling and combustion. But only crop when I need it.

I was farming combustion and kindling and goo.

I only do goo now. Thats starting to get boring. No money in anything.

We farm combustion (which is mainly compacted and put into furnaces) and we also farm kindling for concrete and selling. Also organics harvest when needed.

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@AudreyTT has a farm in our domain and it’s one of our source of revenue. I like the fact that the farms are huge, but I hate the fact that she doesn’t gain much XP from farming oriented tasks and no AoE for planting. Farming does seem kind of tedious, but it is still a way to have renewable resources.

I farm all crops except for any of the yams and starberries, thanks to everyone’s insanely huge farms the market is flooded with them for next to nothing. With the other crops I take a different approach to most other players and keep my farms to a fraction of the size and I sacrifice seed yield for increased crop yields. Like @Soju-VB I only harvest them if and when I need the materials, mainly the kindling for when I want to make concrete and combustion for giving my hard coal a bit of extra kick.

Just to make all the “sustainable-farmers” shake their fists at me angrily here are some pictures of how I choose to farm in boundless.

My kindling farm percentages are varied across rows but average at around 180% (200% with epic) crop and 50% seed. 522 plants in size, it takes me 5 minutes to harvest and replant, I get around 1000 shred as a result while sacrificing 250ish seeds each time.

Combustion I have set for max crop, max seed loss as the seeds are easy to gather. 315 plants in size so this takes less than 5 minutes to turn over. I collect around 750 particles per harvest and sacrifice 2/3 seeds.

Goo farming though… I do that on a much larger scale across several hundred plots. I actually find I enjoy goo farming (to an extent) due to the added complexity and variety it offers compared to the other types of farming, that and I personally find the paints are much more rewarding which keeps me motivated to look after it regularly.


For sure, I just finished rebuilding my goo farm, which stretches all the way down to bedrock.

I still love all aspects of the farming :grin:

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I farm a little bit of everything, but I don’t do it everyday

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Nope don’t bother with farming at all. 0 interest in it. Too much leg work and too much upkeep. Too long on grow times too imo. But I imagine I’m of the minority so pay no mind to me :sweat_smile:


There’s actually a lot of money to be made off combustion and kindling, it’s my primary source of income at the moment. You do need a really big farm and it is a time sink. Been building mine non stop since farming came out and it’s only been a few months since it’s profitable.

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I farm pretty much everything besides goo.

I don’t do it daily since I got a good reserve for pies and deco blocks.

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i only just started with mine it is indeed complex

I love it. Most of what I do is farming inorganics, and I make a killing selling stuff

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No I agree the grow times are just way way to high 2 days tops I would say. Anything longer than that is unnecessary.

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Our organic farms haven’t been harvested in 3-4 months give or take. Inorganic is once every week or two. So no we don’t really both with farming.