Farming: Does anyone bother with it?

Kindling farm:

Well, I might have almost 15k seeds for sale soon…


The kindling I can understand, but the exotic yam seeds are easy enough to find on Circapous and waxys are everywhere I thought?

I just needs time to get out past my base lol. Like only 30min to an hour a day for 2 weeks thanks to work hours.

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Ah yes I can understand that. If you like I can donate some exotic and waxy seeds as I don’t use them.

Let me know if you do end up selling those seeds, I’m looking to double my farm and that would help.

My farms are pretty small since my build is situated in a forest full of massive trees and I’d prefer to keep their trunks intact (though I’ve had to rebuild a few trunks along the edges of my fields to avoid floating trees). Most of these farms are currently optimized for seed production. I also have a few farms which mainly exist for decoration which are rarely harvested. Inorganic crops are grown on a very small scale in my shop just for fun.

I enjoy managing my little farms, but couldn’t imagine dealing with some of the larger fields I’ve seen while out and about. As others have said, it would be great to have a way to add AoE to tillers and seed bags (AoE boons for fertiliser might be nice, too).


I built large farms of most of the useful produce. I harvested them all for some time, but it is just too time consuming to farm them constantly and at this point I no longer farm them, but I do have a stock pile of roughly 30k starberries and exotic earthyams at this point.

The issue isn’t really with the harvesting, it is with the planting. You can harvest using a 3x3 hammer and fairly quickly harvest. But then you have to plow your fields again (for certain crops this is pretty much a requirement, for others this can be bypassed), and then you must individually plant every single seed. Even with a character focused on planting speed it just takes too long to replant everything. It would likely take me several hours to go through every one of my farms and if I spend all of my time doing that, I can’t do the other things I enjoy in the game, as all of my time ends up being used to farm.

So all said and done it is just too time consuming to really focus on it due to the replanting mechanism.

@Alchemist should gather exotic seeds off the lush exos -the also collectible on Circ 1

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I wish I’d bothered with it sooner so I’d have the knack by now but I’m pushing myself to learn; it is so much less grindy than non-stop gathering, and I’m starting to build for the fun of building instead of just having burrows & huts to hide/hoarde/make food/etc and gathery parks. Farming definitely is freeing me up to think about possibilities. I know that that is never not the option with Boundless, I probably would have spent months in my happy muddy river shack on Raxxa eating cooked berries and getting excited about copper tools had I not stumbled toward some lights and a portal to a big city off in the distance. :slight_smile: I have barely begun to tap into the goodness of farming and it’s already reealllllly sweet return for the work put in for me.

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But boy oh boy does 30k starberries sound like an awesome place to get to before moving on :wink:

SEED BOMBS! (just like in real life!)

This is why it was so important to maintain both mechanics.

I would say (total matter of opinion) that being in a predefined space planting seeds plunk plunk plunk is much more grindy than running around gathering stuff across various terrain and environments.


This :point_up_2:t4:. I’d much rather go cave diving or running across planets to gather some opposed to being stuck in a confined space plunking things down. At least I can gather beans, orbs, and fragments at the same time where as a farmer can’t

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Yep totally agree with this and it’s why I’m happy running my farms at a seed loss, because it keeps farming time to a bare minimum and I actually enjoy going out cave diving to gather things like goo and kindling and at the same time collecting decorative exo coloured rocks.

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Me and @AmandaPan built a huge underground kindle farm, that she farms sporadically.

It’s 20x20 plots, and 2 plots high, so an 800 plot farm.


Holy ■■■■ and I thought the one I was building was extravagant.

That looks awesome. SOO much chiseling isn’t it?

That place looks amazing! Where is it located?

I think not everyone has to play the game in every way. But there does need to be balance of a sort in areas where fairness need apply. Also I believe in hard work deserves to be rewarded. So there is that also. I love how complex the system is when it comes to farming. I don’t do and very likely never will. Same with forging. I enjoy doing what I love and paying for the mats. :slight_smile:

So what needs to be balanced is keeping the players interested in that market. If they are not interested then I don’t get mats. That simple. Lol

For me the grindy part is the disparity in time needed to harvest vs plant. I can harvest 9 blocks in 1 swing but can only plant 1 block. So planting is 9 times the amount of work.

And that is kind of the problem I see with them creating a 3x3 planter… suddenly farms will be nearly 9 times as fast to harvest and replant. Seeds and crops will become even less valued, suddenly I will be able to harvest 9000 kindling mass in 5 - 10 minutes or convert/rebalance my farm so that I never need to collect another seed again.

Basically it will be a massive balance shift. Currently you have choices, smaller farms to save time, larger farms to produce more, seed % vs crop %, etc. The only factor that currently limits players from having self sustaining farms is the time required, if they make it 9x faster then I feel a lot of those choices will be taken away from us and the only choice will be to decide how big you want to make your farm.