Farming ETA


Hi all

Has anyone got any idea off the ETA on farming update?


I’d love to know too! I have a contest on-hold waiting for it, and a tree community project on hold too!

I figured it would be any day now given PTR!


My bets is next week some time. Believe there’s still a few things/bugs that need to be adjusted still.


“Soon” i think =D


Soon™ is correct :rofl:


James mentioned that this most recent version of farming is a “release candidate” which doesn’t mean that it’ll release in a week, but does mean that we are getting close all around


LOL Perfect answer to the question. Soon

I know from comments in the guild that they are still testing some parts of the yield of seeds and harvest. Trying to get the ratio right I am guessing.

Let’s face it, we want enough of a harvest to make it feel worthwhile but not so much that we get overwhelmed. How many are going to go overboard and plants so many the market will be flooded?

I have no idea of how many planted will produce what amount and then how many seeds will be produced, is it going to be equal, such as one seed per plant or two seeds or random number of seeds and harvest per plant.

Also what will work best with each plant, do you need to plant them near sand, clay, thorn, growth, how close to water, lava, how far apart from other plants, put the items in what design works best. In rows, a space between them, tilled soil or not tilled?

A lot to work out and make sure that when it is released we won’t get a lot of bugs in it, they get them fixed first.

I do know that those who are doing the testing are constantly experimenting to see what will work best, what design gives the best yield, does the water need to touch the plant or just be a block away or under it. I’m impressed with their dedication to test this all out to find out what will give us the best results.

And the devs are checking with them daily to see what is being done, the results, the problems, and even the suggestions from the testers.


This is not a dig on the OP because this us a very common occurrence.

Is there a rule that says we should commonly ask for ETA updates on the weekend?

I would like to know when farming will go live as well but weekend requests for status are like a call for player speculation that normally gets a bit out of control.


It’s not a dig at anyone.
i’m a PS4 player and can get involved with test there for I have to read throw form after form to find out things.
Since I cannot find what I would like to know I thought I would just ask.

It is what it is a simple question.


Thank you all for trying to answer my question it was a long shot.
it seem we all are none the wiser and hoping soon is a good assumption :pray:
Can wait. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m a ps4 player also, It is worth the wait for farming, cause I hate when they release something not ready and we have constant updates trying to work out bugs. It would be nice knowing though…


I hear you and also trying to contain the excitement :crazy_face:


Soooooo super excited also…


I am so excited for farming. However…they have added so much stuff I don’t want to rush them. They keep adding cool stuff lol



Are you a pc user?


I’m on PC and I’ve messed around a bit with farming. I have a lot of hope for this update


I was actually just commenting in general on people asking questions only the devs can answer when they are actually off work for the weekend.

Edit: I am also a PS4 user.


Even though a couple of the players in the guild I am a member of are part of the ones doing the testing, I won’t know any sooner than any of you. The only thing that I do know, and it is probably talked about on the main thread for the farming, is that it is being tested and bugs checked on daily (from remarks, more than once a day, lots of times in the day) and they state that they saw James and so and so checking out their farm. That they are going to plant such and such with this type of dirt, rock, or other to see how well it grows or produces with that.

Hopefully, it will be real soon, but like the rest of you, I’d rather it take longer and it be done right than rush and have non-stop bugs. And the devs are really working on getting this update done right from what I read in comment on the guild posts.