Farming Idea: Crop Quality

I’ve played farm simulation games all my life and with the promise of farming in this game, I thought I would add a concept on crop quality. Here it goes:

Step 1: Creating Compost

The Compost Bin is a real life device that is used to store old organic waste for the purpose of creating compost.
In the game, similar to a chest, this item will have an inventory that can accept old plant products, animal waste, old fish products, and other organic waste. Then after a period of time, long or short, this bin will have in its output slot Compost or Fertilizer, an item used to increase the quality of your soil and plants.

Step 2: Adding the Compost to the Tilled Soil

Once you obtain Compost, you can simple click on your tilled soil to make it into fertile soil. This soil will have a different color or a slight glow to indicate that it is higher quality than the rest of the dirt. From this fertile soil, you will have a slight chance (10%-20%) of obtaining a higher quality crop.

Step 3: Using Better Crops to get Better Seeds

Once a higher quality crop is grown, that crop can then be turned into higher quality seeds, which when planted have a chance to give an even better crop. This cycle is repeated over and over until the “perfect” crop and “perfect” seeds are obtained.

Step 4: Amazing Crops Yield Amazing Dishes

Different quality of crops can be used in recipes to give better foods with stronger abilities and buffs.


Through this system of creating better crops, I believe we can add a fun and challenging twist to farming and cooking. These better crops could also be used for other purposes such as feeding livestock to obtain some special stat or be part of a player “wellness system” that gives you better stats (an idea from another game).

I’d love to hear some comments and ideas and please link any other threads on farming as I did not find any but would love to read them. Enjoy.


May be that the timing of when you harvest the crops is also important. For example if a plant is grown up and ready to be harvested but you wait to long (may be two days) the crops will get a step lower again. Or you could pick up the crops to early and get a lower version as well.

I like the idea of composting, but may be there will be no waste mats ingame later. Then we could use normal harvested materials or plants that we picked up normally to be transformed into fertilizer.

The idea of having harvested products at different quality levels is great :wink:


Agreed, great ideas here.

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I think it would be cool if you wait too long certain plants (like potatoes) could either split off into two lower tier crops (giving a nice harvest bonus) or possibly get infected with bacteria or bugs. But also, leaving the crops in the soil too long could result in absorbing too many nutrients from the ground in which it will reach maximum size and then slowly die (which could also raise the chance of infection). :lester:

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Woooohaaa, now it gets detailed and complex :slight_smile: … What about fertilizers got on other ways (may be as a rare drop of certain creatures or through crafting out of special mats (may be like pulverized gems or bones).

“The main “organic fertilizers” are, in ranked order, peat, animal wastes, plant wastes from agriculture, and sewage sludge. In terms of volume, peat is the most widely used organic fertilizer. This immature form of coal confers no nutritional value to the plants, but improves the soil by aeration and absorbing water. Animal sources include the products of the slaughter of animals. Bloodmeal, bone meal, hides, hoofs, and horns are typical components.[1] Organic fertilizer usually contain less nutrients, but offer other advantages as well as appealing to environmentally friendly users.” ~Wikipedia
Yeah, it might take a while to read, but most fertilizers are made from excess parts of plants and animals. So, I would think that using bones, egg shells (from like giant avian creatures), and veggie skins in the process would probably be the best bet. I think making fertilizer would probably be a cool job in the meta game, which would probably include;

  • Gathering the Materials
  • Making the Fertilizer
  • ???
  • Profit.
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The chance to get higher seeds or plants through fertilizers could be linked to your farming skill :wink: as higher the level als lower the chance, so farmers can sell there good seeds to casual players so that they can also harvest better fruits, but with lower seed level outcome then. On this way farmers would have an additional market to make income :wink: