Farming ideas. New frontier


farming idea

Build space crafts to go into space and set up a mining base to farm materials from asteroids

Side adjective build a space station.

Low gravity, no air, extreme hot and cold weather based on rotation and proximity to stars.

Powered artificial air machine
Powered artificial gravity machine
Black lights/ artificial sun lights to grow crops in space station.
Clear glass for windows on space station
Air lock for entering and leaving station
Space craft nothing big just 3 models 1 seater, 2 seater, 5 seater.
Solar panels to power everything on the space station.

Wearables space suit, bulky suit no tech, slim suit, glowing tech on it, mech suit for mining on asteroids

Craftable 6 piece armor sets

Head, chest, hands, legs, feet, back.

Bulky space suit would be cheap to craft
Slim space suit would cost more to craft
Mech suit would be most expensive and allow attachments
For example: head lamps gravity boots flares
Luminous glow down the spine(bc why not). Jet boots jetpack.

New tools: hand drill, pick axe, flares, laser guns. Low gravity grapple.

Placeable work lights, generator

abandoned spacestation harvest tech from them
Asteroids harvest rare metals/ gems
Moons with abandoned mining stations on them loot them for tech and metals.

New mob: space pirates hostile mob board Thier ship rob them take there stuff even there ships.
United galactic space station. Home to npc characters of each race,(only 1 at the moment but hopefully more eventually) with shops that buy and sell tech to aid in space station builds.

New environment conditions: low gravity (dnt forget gravity boots , high gravity dnt get crushed wear a mech suit, sand storm intense wind,

Farm crystals, oorts shards, glowing plants, edible plants, fibrous plants to harvest and make advanced space suits. Farm metals from asteroids by hand or by setting up powered drills to farm advanced metals for mech suits.