Farming suggestion for dyes


After reading the farming notes where the atmosphere on different planets will affect the dye color, does this mean that I would have to have a farm on each planet to get all the colors. I would prefer that the dye color would be affected by the soil color we use and what type of soil. It would be easier to harvest colors of soil to make one giant garden versus numerous small ones. How does everyone feel about this. Plus maintaining it would be easier.
I can imagine a huge garden, every layer with colors from different planets, like a skyscraper garden. Ohhhh the possibilities. Please devs make the dye color from soil not air.


I never thought of that, I’m interested to find out what does specifically determine colors.

If it encourages more traffic to more worlds then I’m all for atmosphere playing a part in farming, though. I can’t imagine that farming will require massive plotted areas so having a small farm on 4-5 worlds sounds like a lot of fun to me.

The more variation possible the better, in my opinion.


agree, its better to use the soil not the Planet


well being planet specific makes it more like real farming. I know people probably wouldn’t like it but altitude and biome should affect what can grow as well. Unless they add machines to give environment affects etc.

But maybe I just like having more things to build and do. Instead of having everything in one spot.


This ^

I’m probably gonna kick myself later for agreeing.
Climate plays a huge role in crops. And for certain planets, their atmosphere is special and can’t be replicated by taking the soil someplace else. Plants absorb the air (they breathe) and should be effected by it. It just wouldn’t be the same otherwise.
Now… could there be things we can do to alter crops otherwise? Not impossible, if that’s something they want to work in later. Greenhouses are one way. Or maybe even going with that soil idea to make fertilizer that could alter or mutate crops.
But farming ideas are all just kinda speculation right now anyway.