Favorite programming language

Poll closed and new poll opened with C# since it is a very popular language that I forgot. I had to make a new post for the poll since the forum does not allow me to add an option after it has been created.

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python

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C# not on the option :frowning:


I am thinking about making a World Builder API and wanted to see what language the community liked the best. I do not know C# well enough to program in it.


Voted c/c++, although c# had been my choice if it was an option.

Since C# seems to be so popular I had to make a new post with a new poll since the forum does not allow me to change polls once posted.

C# is my favourite . Love the windows 10 dev section along with asp.net .(not a link sry)

Not sure how I missed this topic :slight_smile: Good one.

C# certainly has its moments but there are times when I can’t tell what’s C# and what’s .NET.

playing around on a raspberrypi is also fun and arduino’s :smiley:

Speaking of which, why not both? I ran my .NET core program in my raspberry pi for my own little server. Not for too long though. I found out that RPi can’t handle SQL Server :frowning: Turned to AWS but I’m now nearing the expiration of my Free Tier (1 year) :persevere:

Im using asp.net with monodevelop ( c# for linux or mac ) on the rpi it seems to be using sqlite and ado.net data access nicely :slight_smile: