Favorite Worlds

Why not have the ability to select our favorite worlds? There could be an option to star or favorite worlds so that through a different menu or section of the world menu, we can easily access our favorite worlds to connect to and view them. This could be very helpful for players who can’t remember the names to all the worlds they like, or players who just want them all in one place. It could also open up the possiblity of the game showing whether your one of your starred worlds is down for maintainence, or how many people are on your world, etc.


An info how many players are on (as a number) whould be really cool, but to add favorites is not quite necessary, especially that there will no list in the far future. Useful, yes, but not a must.

If you press “.” You get the developers options and in the upper left corner you see whos online.

Jepp, I know. Would be nice to see a number at the world list screen (not just “quite” or something else :wink: )

Well, about that “Quiet” – maybe they can change the parameters for now, so

Quiet = 0-1 players
Active = 2-10 players
Busy = 11-50 players

Or something? Then change the numbers as player numbers rise?

a player counter in numbers is better like in words.

@TheBirne yes, i like this idea. A player counter is good to find other player, without join every server. this is a mmo so u need to find other players ^^

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It would be nice to distinguish between “Quiet” and empty for now.

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They already said they are doing it and want to get it into one of the patches to come soon.

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Yes it indeed would be handy, and also be able to see the ping of every server which i think was a thing before.

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I personally like most of the world’s for one reason or another, this wouldn’t affect me I’d just have stars on every server.