[Feature Request] Fuel All Beacon / Collect Coins from All Beacon for that character

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I’ve noticed that fueling and collecting coins to be a pretty big pain and an unpleasant chore.

Can we have the ability to fuel all beacon & collect all coins for the character at once?

We can walk up to a beacon owned by the character and have the ability to fuel all the beacons owned by that caracter or collect all beacon coins owned by that character.


I strongly disagree with the footfall collection part of this.


mmm if you can’t be bothered to visit your beacons… maybe you shouldn’t reserving the space that others could be putting to active use? =/

also if the the exact-beacon-owner dose not visit the beacon each week, then footfall payouts are reduced slightly each day until they no longer accumulate any at all :scream:

while such a system would be a nice QOL addition… it would also further encourage players to “game” footfall even more then they currently do. :roll_eyes:


These chores are not the fun of the game. I play to be entertained, not spending a lot of my limited time visiting beacon to beacon just to maintain it or collect $. I have very limited time to play now and I just spend 6 hrs maintaining all my things, it wasn’t fun because I didn’t even get to play.

A lot of people complain the game is grindy, i feel it extends to beacons also. If dev wants the game to grow, they should find ways to make the game feel less grindy and like a chore. Currently, I feel this game cater to people who spend all their time playing the game.


Well there are some choices here to be made. You could just let the footfall coin sit and do other more fun things or limit the amount of beacons you have…

I mean, if you didn’t get to do anything else than the coin isn’t really needed either since you had no time to spend it :wink:


Then we should remove footfall and replace it with something that doesn’t require you to go to as many beacons, active quests for example.

To███ To███o█s.

Refueling only needs to happen once every 4 weeks, or once every 4 months if you craft the better fuel type.

If it really takes you 6 hours to refuel everything, maybe you need to consider having less places to fuel. or investing in gleam club.


Gleam club.


How many beacons over 10k prestige do you have that it takes you 6hrs to visit them all?


I like where you are going with this ^ _ ^ b

While we are at it we could also reduce the terrible grind by simply limiting every player to max 2 machines of each kind as well. That way the burden of constant repairs is lifted as well~


As much as i would love to collect all beacons footfall at one location, im gunna have to agree with it not being a good idea because of the footfall


Gleam Club = fuel all beacons


I support this idea per character! Good QOL idea!


Exactly Kransiy, do we play games to do chores? or we play games to have fun?


I love how you selectively ignore all arguments opposed to your POV :wink:

As an added bonus, if you can just fuel all beacons from 1 place, get ready for ALL the griefing in the world.

I call major BS on spending 6 hours maintaining your beacons. Unless of course you haven’t yet discovered the magic that is portals, in which case i’m happy to give you some pointers in-game!


The whole point of not being able to fuel all beacons that easily is to encourage gleam club sales.

Therefore, adding this feature might negatively impact gleam club sales, which means as a result it probably wont be added.


Even if it was a single source, perhaps it would simply be better if it were per character per planet?

Due to the nature of having multiple people living in a town, and having to collect footfall from more than one source (for a guild mind you, not for me personally), it is a bit of a chore to have to visit the half a dozen or so beacons spread out across the city (infrastructure) and would be nice to collect from one place instead.

That being said, I don’t see us getting this QoL because it would likely break more than it fixes. for instance, if you fuel from one place, how many beacon fuel items will it take? 1 to fuel all 20 beacons? 20 to fuel just one of them? how does it know which ones to fuel if you spread it out? Personally I find gleam club to be a more reasonable service because it keeps all my beacons fueled. I want to support my MMO and it is not a high fee for a 6 month stent of knowing all the beacons are safe.