Features Early Access

I have buy The Early Access Version in Steam wich Features have i ingame ?

Since you only bought the normal pack, you get the ‘‘explorer’’ perks which is this

Basically you can vote on what feature you would like to see next, you can play the game early and when it comes out you can craft a special ‘‘backer’’ weapon, which most likely will only be cosmetic.

I have buy The Early Access Version in steam for 34,99€ have i the full Features in the game ?

Of course, now that you have bought the early access version you will also get the full game once it launches, however if you upgrade to collectors edition you also get access to the world builder, which is the tool that the developers use to generate worlds and you can make your own, if it is good enough they might implement it, other than that you also get the oort soundtrack and an exclusive wearable, which again is prob just a skin, but you are not restricted ingame in any way.

Thanks I trink i has Not the fully Features with the early version…

Well you have everything the game have to offer atm, but it IS early access, which means that the game is not actually done yet, it is still being developed.

also has the game at yet no classes ?

It doesnt even have combat mate, it is very very early access. it will be a long time until it is finished and will have RPG elements. it will slowly come over time, so in case you want a full game now and dont want to wait, i would highly recommend getting a refund while you can, if you dont mind to wait however and would like to chat and hangout with devs and the rest of the founders then you should just wait and watch the game grow :slight_smile:


Okay :smiley: