Feedback: Rewards, long-term Monetisation and the Exchange!


Right in the games description,(someone posted it once) is the description of finding a resource and owning it, and capitalizing on that resource. With lots of planets, there will most likely be room for that. With timed beacons, protects us that if someone goes inactive to long, another can move right in and claim it.

I’ve lost several builds not paying attention. But someone else was. The higher your prestige or location, the bigger bulls-eye you have.

I do not know however if they intend on keeping their original idea about owning a resource. There is a lot of upheaval about the red gleam, even though it’s within what they planned. When I read that, I was thinking, “that ends that discussion.”


Ive gotta say myself until more info is spilled on what exactly each class can get from these qbits. This still reads p2w to me.

Cause a plot is a plot which is land in game. A skin is something to make the player happy it has absolutly no value in game other than to look cool to the player.

Not saying im not happy about the news at all. But its hard not to see the full spectrum without knowing exactly whats to come.


Most of what you propose seems excellent. I do have concerns about a few things however;

Plot purchases - While I’m not against it entirely, I feel there should be a cap, preferably based on your earned level (and I strongly feel that continued leveling/earning past 50 should continue similar to the current in game process). Purchasing with real money up to double your base earned (or based earned max) seems reasonable considering the supporter rewards.

Respec - So long as free respecs are still available (1/week or 1/2 weeks are both reasonable, but nothing longer) this seems fine. But if free respecs are removed or limited too strictly this would be something I have a problem with. I’d rather a respec be purchased with in game coin than real money at that point.

Pricing - This will be a the true sticking point for me. If everything is too expensive or trying to nickel and dime me (coughswtorcough) then I’ll have a big problem with it. I would recommend that with your supporters club, you also have a cumulative monthly stipend for spending on anything. Stipends have always been a favorite of mine in many games with this model.

I would enjoy seeing this game fully realized and profitable for you! Love what you’re doing with it!


Sim, that’s still cheaper than buying plots to have 300k+. A couple different accounts with maxed level characters at Pioneer package level is around 650 plots each. At 5% for each one that’s 32 plots. Still horribly limiting in a game that is designed to be the opposite of it.

Maybe we should advocate for a cap on how much stuff we can gather in any given hour too. It’s about a silly as that.

There isn’t just any one thing I am responding to.

I just believe that if someone is going to take their most limited resource, which is always going to be plots, and use it to make a mine shaft that they can line with glass just to break individual blocks, then you’re mining less effectively than someone with no persisting food buff, bombs, and a diamond hammer. In fact, you might as well mine with copper tools cause it’s about as horrible as that.

If people want to waste their plot claims on blocking off resources that specifically spawn in the same area all the time, then that isn’t a failure on the plot claim system. It’s a failure on resource distribution and world regeneration systems and they need to be finely tuned up and tweaked to correct that kind of mistaken. Hence why Red Gleam has been mentioned in that regard by others.

Blocking off resources isn’t going to be a thing cause the devs at Wonderstruck/Turbulenz know it needs to get fixed. James has commented on it a few times and probably the other devs have too. I don’t think we’re going to see another resource shortage like we do with Red Gleam. But you first have to care about the resource to begin with (I honestly don’t care about red gleam right now cause this isn’t 1.0 and a released product).


I think something that could be cool to passby these ressources blocking, would be to have some temporary planets or asteroid that pass by the boundless system were we cant reserve plots on it. Then these planets having a rare ressource on it we can mine like gleam of a certain color etc.

If i am not clear enough i can elaborate on this.


Hitching a ride on an in game comet and mining before it goes out of range would be fun. :slight_smile: Could even be in-game events tied into it.


That’s a really neat idea!


Honestly I like that idea. Serves multi-purposes with miners, lumebrjacks, hunters, and even explorers.


I feel sorry for devs having to read all these posts.


If they weren’t willing to, then they shouldn’t have started making a video game. It goes with the job that they have taken on. They actually like reading posts from the community anyways.

Perceptive is a nice thing, even if it has varying degrees of positive and negative.


yes but this level of it and most of it is people raging about how the devs are trying to make money. It’s kinda silly.


Nobody is actually raging. Just people expressing their concerns and opinions on things.


I agree with most of what you’ve said. Only on the glass mines i’ve seen. I am not sure it would be less effective. Think about it. You can see all the ore, so it becomes a self made cave. Only there are no sharp drops, monsters, lava or inclines to navigate. I am certainly seriously considering giving it a go, as it might be faster than caving, not sure yet.


I do one day hope for comets, asteroids and fixed space stations :D. Where you’d just buy a block to expand a fixed outer hull, or maybe the outer hull is already there. There are possibilities like this, for truly whacky ‘planetoids’. I always wondered how they would handle falling off though, maybe below there is always the image of a planet or a distant sun, so it looks like you are falling toward it on the screen.


Karrade, I don’t think it’s that effective cause you’re only revealing a single block surface when you have a long mining shaft that way. It’s why stripe mining isn’t that effective either. That mine shaft is basically strip mining minus everything in the middle of each walls. Which makes it less effective.

Cave diving I don’t do cause the down time between getting resources is too high. Depending on what I am mining for, I’ll use gem bombs, buff food, and a gem hammers to get the stuff I need.

If I go back to stripe mining, it would be primarily to get flint, rock salt, and rocks for things I need them for (mainly rocks for bricks). I want the mine shaft to regen cause I want to be able to go back and get those materials later on if I choose to. That’s why the mine shaft to me is a waste of plots.


How do you mine usually if you don’t cave dive or strip mine? Just randomly blow up blocks, does that give you a good yield? Or do you have a system?

I realise it would be less effective a mineshaft, but it’d be permanent, requiring no digging and no traversing of caves. Just walking in a line along the ore spawn. Which is why I think its worth the experiment eventually.

Perhaps we should take this to its own topic though, as while it is interesting we are taking this over with the discussion,


Yeah I have a method. First time I used it for Diamonds it yielded over 500 diamonds in 1 hour along with hundreds of iron and copper. I got over 200 titanium in that 1 hour alone. I was kind of going ham though since I was timing myself.

Depending on what you’re mining depends on the method you’re using.

Anyways, we’re getting off topic. Hit me up with a PM on the Boundless Discord if you want to know more in detail.


No it is not a fight about making money, it is a fight about the amount of money, also known as negotiation or haggling. If you want to know why several of your friends have disappeared from the game recently. Here you go;

Subscriptions are WAY cheaper than Micro-transactions. What a naive player does not realize is that microtraning allows a company to extract much larger sums of revenue from an individual player for the exact came content versus a subscription. Which is the exact reason large outfits moved away from subscription model to microtrans. Shareholders went oh ■■■■ we can get a ton more from micro trans do that instead. Some players will say great shutup and take my money as they pour thousands into a game. Others will look at it and conclude this is not a good value and walkaway. Not everyone that disagrees has been willing to speak out publicly. Below is a good link explaining more about the two models.


If you don’t wanna buy stuff, then don’t buy stuff. Personally I think that if the devs are able to find things that people want to buy without pushing a significant amount of other players away, then they should do that. It means they can maintain and update the game longer.

  1. Don’t want to buy stuff? What are you smoking? I have already paid 1000 USD to get this game built. Getting microtranned on the back side of a game you already paid for is like getting ■■■■ slapped by the devs.

  2. Please explain how server hosting plus subscription would make the game unsustainable?