[Feedback] Testing 224 - Crop growth times

Also, Inorganic crops seem to want to grow on gravel and near Ancient Corruption, need to be “watered” with Lava, and if I’m reading the raws correctly, Kindling Mass may actually have negative productivity if planted near Rock.

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may be due to this maybe?

maybe if you are AFK the system reacts better then comeing back and trying to catch up with the “fast-forwarding”


I’m finding the poisson curve to be frustrating :confused:

The very last crops can take AGES to finally tick, it’s frustrating always checking back and even when it was 90% complete yesterday, now it’s only 92% complete when the first days were a breeze.

One side of me is saying just harvest when it’s the best yield/time spot since you get the seeds back from the unfinished plants, but the other side is saying don’t waste any of the work you put in planting that field, not to mention the fertilizer you’d be wasting.

Not sure if there’s a good reason for it to be like this?


That’s how it is in real life. Farmers have to make a tradeoff when deciding to harvest but they additionally have to contend with rotting or being destroyed by pests and weather if it’s harvested too late. Imagine the whining if that were included.

Perhaps the devs wanted to give us a farming simulation. After all, it’s what we asked for. I guess the lesson here is to be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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Is it? From what little garden farming I’ve done, the irl growth times seem to be pretty consistent, but my sample sizes are low. I tried to find some scientific reference to the poisson curve and agriculture, didn’t really find anything relevant.

Even better here


I mentioned in another thread, crops tick once per day (already a much longer period than say minecraft) and if we wanted a crop to have guaranteed growth time we have to store a counter of how many days since planted to be ticked every day. For say a 1 (real) day crop (60 game days) that’s already 8 bits, and we also have fertilizer and grades of fertilizer that take up bit space, and without using a huge number of block-ids (hundreds, thousands) we dont have that many bits


Sounds like the system should have been designed to be less complex. The farming is interesting but it seems to be extremely over-engineered from a mechanic standpoint.


If that were the case then you would get multiple seeds back from a single crop growth.


With a single tomato plant you’d get somewhere around 50 tomatoes on average, depending on the plant’s size and conditions of course. And probably at least a few hundred seeds in total as a result, just from the one plant… Off the top of my head, I don’t remember what the average number of seeds in a tomato is.

Not to mention, common domesticated tomato is sort of self-pollinating. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Want to know what causes players the most issues with systems in Boundless, to the point of quitting? Uncontrolled RNG, look at the forging threads and can see it. Why such love for RNG in your game design?

Boundless has more RNG built into it than actual life LOL


Farmimg simulation my foot. If it was a farming sim you could get back 1 to 1 or more seeds for most crops.

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It would be nice if that’s how farming worked in this day and age. Oh yes, there are primitive subsistence farmers around the world who do do that, but that’s certainly not the case in any society today with sufficiently advanced technology to connect to the internet and play online games.

This farming simulation more closely aligned with modern farming: Monsanto sells you their GM seed every year with its death gene and sues you if it finds any self-seeded plants. Dumping oodles of chemicals on your crop hastens ripening times. Harvest is by using AoE combines.

I live in a very rural area with plenty of cash cropping going on. No one saves seed. That’s something done in story books read by city kids and wacky granola-eating pony-tailed people with a predilection for tye-dye hemp shirts or sundresses.

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Not sure if you are trying to disguise an in insult in here?

So we are doing industrial farming with our hand held tillers are we?

Not to mention the manual planting and harvesting. :roll_eyes:

This is also pretty insulting to the growing organic farms and farmers, and those that choose not to buy mass produced industrially farmed products.


I’m no coder, but I can get to grips with logic, and this doesn’t make much sense to me, as logic would suggest that the system would have to know the state of the crop regardless of whether there was a process in place to allow/stop the crop from proceeding to the next stage.

So surely the amount of data stored would be the same, but the RNG element it’s just another process on top, in fact using up more data space?

If, for some reason I cannot fathom, it takes less data with the RNG added than a linear progression, then surely all you have to do is make the RNG element have a 100% chance? Same system but linear growth time.

I’m happy to be shown the error of my thought process, but that reasoning genuinely makes no sense to me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:

I understood it this way:

Let’s say the crops have 4 (visual) stages over which they grow. Each day advances the crops growth.
That means all crops are fully grown after 4 days.

But what of you want the grops to grow over 8 days?
You would need an additional counter to keep track of the days that have past, because the value that is stored, only keeps track of the (visual) 4 stages.
OR you could give the crops a chance of 50% to grow each day. Then they won’t take exactly 8 days to grow, but on average. ( oversimplified )

hands down i would prefer the extra counter otherwise that means worst case it could take 8-12 days for a 4 day crop to grow if you get bad rng and after the 2ed time of that happening to me i would be done with farming

I oversimplified the math to explain the idea. They are using more complex math the have more control over the randomness.

Minecraft crop growth is also probably based btw.:

true but its also easily 80 times faster then boundless when its takes 37 min to grow vs 3HR’s you are going to notice the RNG alot more

and yes the times are subject to change but i dont think they will drop even close to minecraft levels

I guess my point is that the system would have to know the current state of the crop, regardless of linear growth or ‘chanced based’ growth.

If the crop is at stage 5, why do you need to keep the data for stage 1-4?

Or if each day has a 50% chance to go to the next stage, why would the system require more information if it has 100% chance?

I’m not arguing for or against using a chance based crop progression here, I’m just saying the the reason stated above doesn’t seem logical.