Very likely that no one is left playing the game that even remembers who I am. I was one of the early backers of Boundless from when it was initially announced into its alpha and all the way to current state.

I have read all the drama and seen it all. And I have to say, a lot of you people need to take a huge chill pill, then 3 more.

I see a lot of misplaced anger and a lot of shade being thrown in many different directions. A lot of people want to keep attacking the OLD developers and development team, who have not been a part of this project for almost a year. Who also, prior to the sale of the game, were incredibly transparent when development of the game went from a fairly steady stream of content to a screeching and sudden halt. It seems many people who post on the forums now crying about the lack of content were either not there when this happened or are in some kind of denial about it.

When Wonderstruck was approached by Larian to help on Baldurs Gate 3, they agreed. Initially the Boundless team was not going to be affected, which James communicated very well with everyone. However, that was short lived. Very quickly Wonderstruck was pulled in heavily to support BG3 and the Boundless team was slowly but surely absorbed into the project. Which is why under James recommendation to Wonderstruck the game was sold to a different studio who was supposed to continue development. Well we all know how that ended.

It’s easy to throw shade without knowing anything. But maybe go to the bowels of the forums and actually educate yourselves before you start crying and throwing shade at developers like James (who really did the best he could) who was affected by forces he didn’t actually have power over.

With that, I am going to go back to lurking and eating my popcorn.


indeed, there was a lot of that - some really personal attacks and ill-informed accusations aiming at supposedly nefarious intentions (of James specifically)

hopefully we can all look forward more now and focus on the coming changes :sunglasses:

however, something tells me that the new owners will get their own share of stick, deserved or not :wink:


I think most of the shade and hard feelings towards James was the apparent dissapearance of the dev team and unclear future of the game. People found out about the team all moving over to BG3 through back channels, and no official communication had seemed to be communicated in the slightest.

Just trying to clarify, I’m kinda on both sides of that whole debate…


There are a few of us left but certainly smaller and smaller numbers…

I think many don’t understand how hard it is to manage a game and make it a big success in today’s world. The original devs did good overall and we shall see what the new ones do. It won’t be easy, though, to keep the original game spirit. I fear Boundless will change in ways that won’t make it better in the long run due to fundamental issues. But I’m still willing to be hopeful in this moment…


Im sure this wasn’t directed at me personally, but since you replied to my post about how I felt, I’ll chime in here.

I have very much educated myself, I have dug in these forums about everything from why they chose to do the crafting the way they did, to how often they posted updates in the beginning, how there was a lot of transparency and well if I’m honest I spent a more hours than I should have reviewing the past and that is kind of why it bothered me there was a lot of early communication and I sadly wasn’t ever a part of that, but hey I know it was there at one point.

Now I won’t ever attack James as a person and shame on anyone who does, but pointing out a very large lack of communication or transparency when a community is suffering isn’t unwarranted. I think there are many people a lot like myself that are very passionate about the game and it’s community and only want to see it succeed, be it with Wonderstuck, Monumental or anyone else who comes along.

Totally, agree here. I’d probably even think Boundless went through a lot of this. Having been a developer on large and small teams (not game related) I can understand this. Having played around with making a game myself I can totally see the challenges and that’s only me tinkering with development and nothing else.


The game on current state doesnt bring any Joy For veterans.

We’ve been lurking here like 3 years To get something other than “theres a block Or two”.


At this point, I’m not sure much will satisfy me personally beyond taking all the best bits of the Boundless IP and coming out with a fresh, new Boundless 2.


Genuine shade can be thrown at both old and new owners for not allowing time to put up a single post a month. That is all it would take to keep the discontent down. A post from James and team saying “Still wildly busy, but keeping the lights on” instead of hiding and allowing problems to fester. A post from Monty - or more likely, Tiggs as the social media face of Monumental saying “This month we got this and this ticked off the long list of tasks involved with buying an EU game and moving it across the pond” or “This moth feel free in joining us in throwing paper planes at all those acting with glacial slowness in getting the transfer fully into our possession”

Take the community with you, and they will back you. Leave everything until things come to a head before acting, and the community drifts away. I know of at least three long term players that let everything go after the birthday event came and went and no word from the new owners - not even just to confirm that the transfer process is still ongoing.

I see a lot of responses still referencing James. James doesn’t work on Boundless anymore. Why do people want to keep hearing from him? He knows about as much of what is going on in Boundless as the rest of us.

As to “finding out through back channel” argument about finding out about the team moving. That was not entirely true. That is what a lot of posts said, but there was actually a post by James stating that the grand majority of the team was going to be moved to work on BG3, and that they were still unclear as to how much of the team. He said that there would be an update once they knew, which there was.

@Havok40k nice to see a familiar name still out here <3 how have you been?

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This statement makes it sound like you’re throwing shade on the new Devs. Or maybe that wasn’t your intent?

Quite right. Too many don’t understand the difficulties of game development.

You can, like a lot of us do, play other games and not spend all your time obsessing about pending change.

Not everyone has time to pander to your ego. If you need that kind of attention, may I suggest a puppy?

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