Feet getting stuck

It seems like my feet are getting caught in my build or something. When I walk or run it stunts my movement at times. Don’t know if anybody else is experiencing this but it only happens when I move. Sticks don’t get stuck on menu or anything. I’m on PS4

Are you walking on bedrock/mantle?

Refined wood atm… it kind of happens wherever I walk but mainly on player builds

I’ve wondered why that happens on mantle? Do you know?

I don’t remember if anyone said why it happened, but I think it was added to the bug database awhile back. It may not be a big enough issue that makes it worth their time to fix right now :woman_shrugging:

Please share an exact location where the happens.

Try a different controller. I have one controller that does a similar thing.

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I’m otw to Gamestop to get a controller. Hopefully it fixes the problem. I’m skeptical tho.

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im pretty sure this is controller related due to the L3 being worn out its pretty much a common ps4 controller issue

Well GameStop AND Wal-Mart are sold out soooo I’ll try online.