Few new Feature options


I would like to see the implementation of allowing for temp portals to use oort to extend the time active. Still one way. this would allow a person to keep a portal to an exo world open for a few hours during harvesting runs. The cost? well 24 blinks is 9 shards per hour, 42 blinks be around what 16ish per hour?

Next idea to add in would be a machine that would give a galactic atlas, this would report exo planets about and what the close planet they are near.

last idea for now. A way to summon or spawn exoplanets in by players through some sort of summoning that would cost resources. this can offer alot of features, like forging can have features. forge up a exo summoning, used in a totem, make is really costly! perhaps even many players will need to activate, creating a summon counter.


If everyone catches enough meteors, we can spawn an exo! I believe!


If you catch a meteor between your teeth without defeat an Umbris planet will spawn just for you.


I really love the idea of being able to create a Galactic atlas, that would be awesome! Hopefully, it would be interact-able and lets you navigate it and click on the different worlds. It could even be as simple as a prop you place in your home and you insert completed atlas’ in it to build it. Though a portal version would be cool too.


Wow! I had no idea! :astonished::smiley:


I really like the exo planet/atlas idea…unless I’m missing something, a notification of exo planets doesn’t exist at the moment…I go planet hopping to see if one is orbiting or hop on the forums. Great idea! :+1:


a place able galactic atlas I could feed completed atlas’ too would be amazing. Even if exo’s didn’t show up on it.


If you join the portal seekers discord they have an exo planet bot that can be set to ping you when a new exo world shows up. Tho I have a feeling when the new update releases it will no longer be working.


I love all three of these ideas.

I would truck in a small kingdom of resources to spawn fun exos.