Final Feautres Set

While there are only 6 months left for the (hopefully) final release of this game, I would be really interested in the final features set of this game. Maybe our devs @james and @luke-turbulenz can answer my questions. What is the content we can expect from the 1.0 release?

  1. Will there be titans? (We didn’t saw any information lately)
  2. Will there be raids?
  3. What will be the solution for guilds and cities?
  4. What will be the final RPG aspects of the game?
  5. What will be the late-game-content of this game (expect building)?
  6. What is your finals solution to the liquid system?
  7. Will there be automation?

If one of the answers is yes, it would be cool if you could share your concepts. I seriously know that this game is in an early stage (as @Havok40k never fails to mention) but in view of the time remaining it would be good to know.

I hope for a very detailed answer.

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That would also interest me very much

we all wait such a long time for this informations, but nothing happend till now

i searched fast
this is from early 2015, all what i found was from this date

or this

we wait now round about 2 years…

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