Finally you made me dreaming of Oort... literally!

Hey @ben, I think you are responsible for that, so I write it directed to you. How can you already make me dream of Oort now, where it is a so long way to the final game. Yes, you are reading right: I had just a very detailed dream of actual Oort gameplay while I was sleeping next to my girlfriend. That was not funny, cuz I was actual speaking what I said to the others in teamspeak.

I think it was still the beta of the game. We all just started to play in our first tiered worlds and talked over teamspeak to find each other and everybody described the world he was on. I was on a grey sand world remembering me of Nevada, only with blue and grey sands. While we had our chat and I jumped around there finally came a message through the console/game chat that a patch is coming. With the patch you added the old pre-alpha worlds to the list (which still was a list and no star map). The list was only for my region and had about 30 - 40 entries, but worlds unknown to me/my Char were just called “---------”.

Then I encountered my first Titan ingame. At least I think it was one. It was a giant flower like creature. Stational, but firing large aoe bombs and spawning small creatures which then attacked me. It was a tough fight, but I think because it still was beta I could finish him. Then I took my laser-pick and looted the dead plant and got my shards which looked like broken crystalline violet glass.

Then I got awaken by my gf. May be cause my happiness of the win over the Titan was to loud.

It’s all your work @ben, now you just have to realize this dream for all of us ;D (of cause all of Wonderstruck are ment, but it’s more funny to just fire at you :wink: )



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We’re in your heads now! :smiley:


OMG … I can’t believe it … I … had …a … VISION!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: