Find your own stuff using knowledge tab

Would it be possible to add a “in my storage” tab next to “buy from” and “sell to” in the knowledge tab? Basically I’d like to be able to find where I put things, especially with the new storage chests!


Would it show how many there are in a beacon, or a chunk or some other area? Would guild aligned, possibly locked storage show there too?

Chest coordinates, just like the shop stand coordinates!

So this would show 9 entries of iron ore? :thinking:

I guess, in a list, same as shop stand, order by the amount of the item.

I’m also guessing chunk scan would be easiest code, but that’s not really based on anything.

Stop showing off and sell me that iron ore XD

For all we know it could just be 36 ore :joy:

If it would just show one, that’d be great for when you lose things :joy:

Happens to me any time my storage needs outgrow my storage capacity.

I would be happy with even an “in X beacon” level of detail, as i think this might be pretty resource intensive to keep track of which item is in each slot in my modest storage area… i even had to turn storage blocks sideways because just drawing items lagged me out before.

Besides, this might encourage separating storage beacons into their own chunks (take that mesh limit). Personally, i still use a storage cube to show whats in which trunk - understand that this works well for hoarders who have trunks full of same items but not so much for mixed batches


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