Finding a populated area to play with people

So yea the title is self explanatory. Im fresh to the game, been following for a few years now since it was oort and im trying to find people to build next to so its not so single player if you get what i mean lol. any help is more than welcome!

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The markets at EU - Therika would be a good start;

Pos is 1252, 85, 1872


Thank you for the quick reply, will try to figure out how to get there!


That’s the list of settlements I know off. There’s many interesting points to visit, but they’re not listed, as they’re not settlements


Tjentzu is always looking fore more settlers!
We’re looking to build in harmony with nature. Houses are made inside or on cliffs, we have a beautiful lake and we’ve just started building our market!
The town is on Andooweem and we have players from different time zones. Most likely someone will always be online. So no beautiful ghost town
Tell me if you’d be interested in seeing the town :wink:
I’ll come and pick you up.

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a guy led me to all the portal places, but i would love to start at your community!

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Then meet me in the portal hub on solum

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gotcha, i think im there now im wandering around

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i’m at the hub

i am too, but i wandered and now im lost here. there is so much lol

im at cooks corner?

come inside the big temple in solum

Sorry about that, didn’t mean to leave you high and dry but I just wanted to give you some starting tools before I logged off. :sweat_smile:

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lol its all good dude

still around?

Welcome to the community, @LowNrusty.

I’m glad you’re joining Tjentzu. It’s a humble town right now, but growing fast. I even have a small home there myself.

I see you’ve already seen Pixel Gate and Therka Market. Stop by Elop Portas too sometime! @Jeffrotheswell (who made the portal network) lives there.


i tried to build at tjentzu but the server is in australia and im in North america so there is too much lag for it to be tolerable. im looking around where i am now cause i have 60ms

In US, you can play in Pixel Gate, New Berlyn or in Elop Portas, all of them on either US EAST or US WEST servers.


Pixel Gate

Coords (-200, YY, 1800)
Theme Everything you wish to make
Founder(s) Karokendo, Dzchan94
Rules/Guidelines None


New Berlyn

Coords (-1704, 100, -139)
Theme Free Build
Founder(s) Havok40k
Rules/Guidelines Be awesome, my dudes.


Elop Portas

Coords (-424, 89, 2100)
Theme The theme for this city is Mystic, Ancient, Lost gardens and Ruins with an emphasis on medium and large builds.
Founder(s) Jeffrotheswell, Xanotos, Enisledlady, ScracthnWiff
Rules/Guidelines Medium and large builds. Thematics