Finding amethysts

hey all

so I’m on munteen and have put many hours into trying to find the gems with no success. not even one.
I’ve looked between around 120 and 160 (highest I can find) altitude in both mountains and floating islands + have strip mined the hell out of both. what am I doing wrong, or am I missing something?

would appreciate any help or advice.

oh, and I’ve collected 10 or so from farming meteor mobs but it’s taken a while

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Join a community hunt, you will be able to take on larger groups of high level mobs that drop gems. Until mining is fixed it’s your best bet. Check out the hunt schedule in Moebius plaza, Therka market planet Therka for a day and time that works for you.

Hello @Elsiekelsie ! The Dev’s are in the process of fixing gem distribution and making it easier to find them. Until then, killing monsters is the fastest way to get gems!

Also, don’t feel bad you spent a while looking for gems and didn’t find it! We have ALL been there :smiley: It is why we are all excited for it to be fixed (sounds like it is happening soon! yaya)


i can give you a locationmarker with a spot to find gems and some info if you find me in aquatopia or on discord