This is my last ditch attempt at finding a player called CHEMIN-EXCAVADOR. I think you are the owner of Siniath City on Dzassak but I’m not 100% sure on that. I have tried getting ahold of you through the game but have had no luck so far and hopefully, this will reach you. you have a beacon in the middle of my build called WolfCreek Tavern and it’s connecting my build with Siniath city. Something I have not wanted since I started playing this game. I would appreciate it if you would contact me either through here or on discord because I would like to kindly ask you to remove this beacon called Sinath 1 since it not only connects me to the city but is also located in the middle of two of my beacons. again please contact me either on here or through discord (Ladybird #7519) I would appreciate it if we could resolve this issue.

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He has a shop on one side of the Gloviathosa PS hub. Or you can try @CHEMIN on the forum.

(chemari2012 #7295) This is one of his two discords, contact with him. :smirk:

Hes not the owner of “Siniath City”, his settlement is called “Nuevo Hogar”, Top 5 with only 5 Millions prestige… Try to find him in this location.

thank you!

It’s Def an alt name means roaddigger

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