🔥 FireBorn - The Guild will always reborn (New Open Plot in the city)

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Guild Discord Link :

Who we are :
Our guild started around December 2018, our goal is to create a convenience living environment for everyone. We build portals hubs, shopping mall, resource farm…etc All the functional structure open for public to use. We are currently focus in 2 major city, “FireBorn - Minorengle” & “FireBorn - Alder”. Feel free to join our community and have fun with us. If you are solo players, you will have a place to live with all convenience structure setup for you. If you want to play in group, we will have some project to work together in future. Both city have extremely long history since October 2018 until now. We are working on our 3rd time city [re] visual, we get new hubs, new mall. And we will keep updating day by day until we reach to next level of city size.

Basically our guild only has one rule, and I think everyone should follow this rule. " Be friendly to others." Basically just try to respect everyone in the group, and be nice to help each other sometimes :slight_smile: No other limitation, we won’t ask any of you for the help, instead of that we may help you guys sometimes if you are new players.

Where to find us:
We have portal connect to Dk’s Ultima Tree locate in Eresho, Portal Seeker Shopping hub, and Portal Seeker Minorengle.

Which type of players we are looking for :
For most important, we need nice person to join. Also if you have a nice skill to build any artwork, please join us :slight_smile: (We really need master of tree to help us to build us some tree to prevent global warming)

About 3rd time city [re] visual at FireBorn - Minorengle:

Phase 1 :
FireBorn - Portal Network - done

  • We just finish our new portal hub for all citizen to travel. Now we have a lot of portal spot open, please connect us today if any of you love our ctiy or love our guild

Phase 2:
Fireborn - Shopping Street - 60% complete

  • we have 20 shop spot open for everyone to set up a shop in our new mall. Right now its brand new, so come get a nice spot before it full. We will keep expanding in future .

Phase 3:
FireBorn - “The Great Hutner’s Graveyard” - coming soon

  • This will be the place for us to host hunting event in future, we will create a remarkeble place for us to proud of .

Phase 4:
Resource Farm Redesign - 20% complete

  • Before we had a huge farm setup close at PS Till hub, I guess some of you may use our farms for awhile, currntly our guild leader want to improve how it looks and provide a better route and instruction for the new hub.

Phase 5:
Secret Prjoect - coming soon

  • You guys will know when we finish it. Hopefully should be a unique setup in the game, not sure how it will hold up, but it will be unique for sure.

City Gallery:


Happened to run through here the other in search of shops. Love the detail into that hammer and grapple. Amazing job!


Thanks XD :grin:


Update 19-05-14:
New Open plot in the city. Feel free to join our community :smile: and make city to next level together.


Everything is looking good! We just need more population now :slight_smile: Glad to be a part of this community, you all have been very helpful!