First craftable wearable: Diving Suit


I know there are no creatures yet. That makes armor/weapon crafting useles at this point. But if you are looking for a placeholder atm a diving suit could be an advantage for the oortians. Then we have something to explore the water worlds without dying after 15secs.


i would rather prefer a mask than a full body suit, but i agree, would be pretty neat to have gear which allows us to stay under water for longer periods of time :slight_smile:

There could be water breathing potions or spells as well. A body suit could be cosmetic and could be a techno looking suit that glows different colors while underwater.

i also agree with water breathing potions. but i think i would still prefer a small sort of bubble over the head rather than having a full body suit.

I’m thinking about something a bit more compact than an entire suit. After all, there sure will be underwater creatures (and maybe even underwater Protectors and Titans), and changing your armor for a diving suit might be disadvantegous. Maybe something like a breathing mask? Like this one, for example:

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I love the idea of a resperator of some kind (like the ones in SpyKids?) where it uses the oxygen out of the water so no tanks needed, just a mouthpiece.
It’d make underwater exploration and building easier and a lot more fun I think. As a diver I’m all for underwater fun.

indeed, i still think they should have a limitation though, like you can stay 1 minute underwater but then you start drowning, so you can stay way longer, but are not really invincible in that sense.

ofc this is purely based on the speculation that we will get a race with water breathing.

True, and perhaps there will be ways to upgrade it so it’ll last longer.
Hopefully there will be a race that can breathe underwater because I’d be all on that haha.

Fo sho. This should definitely be a thing in the game.

Different types of underwater masks that can increase…or decrease the time underwater…did somebody curse the mask? Lol

they do also plan on underwater races though

I have problems with diving at the moment (playing with mouse and keyboard) - I seem to drown slowly beaneath the surface but no possibility to swim deeper. Is it on purpose? Like one would need weights or indeed a diving suit? haven’t tried out gamepad steering for a while. Hope I’m not mentioning things already stated.

shift/space to swim down/up in the water, like with motion on a grappling hook

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Talking about “exploring the water worlds” have they planned anything? Like majestic deep-ocean fortresses or just simply fish (for food) or whales to tame and ride on :smile:

I wish I knew!! BUT, I just had the idea for an underwater portal from which one can look straight into a dry, above sea level, landscape.

Wouldnt that be a bad idea? All the water would flow into the other wolrd… Poor fish

Practically, yes. Still the feeling of diving into a darker space of the ocean or a lake, and finding a portal which resembles bright and colorful landscapes, could be amazing. From a logical standpoint (easily switching between worlds by walking through a barrier) it would mean water would flow through either.

Yeah it would be cool idk lets try :smiley:

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Mh, it is also bit of a drastic approach of connecting worlds above and below sea level in this game. Underwater worlds still are quite light, apart from cave systems I thinx.

That would be… Awesome. Non-player items being transported by portals, including flowing lava and water! At Least Warps should be able to do this.