First Impressions

Just a little exposition.

As a long time player of games like Terraria and Minecraft, I think Oort has a ton of potential to blow these games out of the water. Now I know that is quite a statement since Minecraft is THE juggernaut of this genre and Terraria is nothing to sneeze at either but they both lack the one major advantage Oort has: it’s an MMO. The changes players make to a world are persistent and can be explored and experienced by ALL players from ALL worlds simply by walking through a portal into another realm (which is a SICK ASS feature by the way). This opens up a huge sandbox not just in terms of the world but also in terms of the community. Cooperation, war, strife, famine, resource denial or sharing. It’s an impressive undertaking. I’m planning/hoping to be extremely involved in the community HENCEFORTH!


Totally agree with you buddy! This game is going to blow up!

I’m working on getting a small community of friends over to Oort. So hopefully soon you will see a slight boom in population.

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Happy to have you involved in the community! Hope to see you lots in the Suggestion board :slight_smile: