First Pole


Just placed my first post, check it out. Use this thread to show off your totally rad and inventive post/beam uses.


I used the metal one. I forgot to take a new picture with them all matching


I like how metal pole looks like totem haha


ive seen you post before why you lying :grin:


i bougt metal poles and then saw nothing else ataches to it they cool but weird to work with i dont have metal beams thought
our are there 3parts to metal maybe i just bought top pieces not sure
i hope someone posts a nice picture off all the sets


I thought someone has posted first time in the forums. :joy:

Edited the title - now it looks like someone believes in being the first player from Poland here.


I’m using the poles and beams in quite a few places:


Those will look nice as farming fences!


You know. I have yet to see any use for them, they are all very naff and useless but it did occur to me that maybe they have a use in farming and the devs added them now ready.

Think poles is a stretch - should be renamed sticks tbh


I love the poles. I’ve made tables, chairs, trees, rails and light posts so far. Could probably make a bedroom with the poles as a bed frame and tangle as a mattress. I don’t think they’re useless I think they are for people who like to decorate either just to decorate or fill empty space (what i do with the trees they look better than the tree blocks).


I was slightly disappointed by 2 things:

  1. how thin they are
  2. that they can only occupy the center of a block

Nevertheless I found many ways of enhancing my builds with them. Some are just small decorative elements around doors, machines etc.:

Some act as fences/railings:

Others are sign holders near gates, portals and junctions:

Some are integral part of builds (ovens, spark core room, machines):

They can be an important part of a bigger structure as well:


I used them in a different way then most :wink: