First T8-9

First T8-9 exo on Halloween that is just nighttime. Sunlight never hits the planet? So we have spooky sounds and weather for the whole planet. Can only see the elemental shine from the mobs or when lightning strikes.


Something is brewing. Our exo count is pretty low right now


Yeah last time they let them all die we got 3 Umbris exos if I remember right

So 3 rift exos again, maybe… Time is a flat circle, after all. :jack_o_lantern:

Shadow Orange gleam, Shadow Violet gleam & Black gleam. :spider:

Let’s get spooky. :bat:



SWIM told me that they’re adjusting the gleam spawns on the planets so there’s more gleam.

I hope they also add more colors of spinebacks!

But yeah I’m fiending for a fresh exo I want to collect lucent seams to decorate with

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Like Luminous Azure and Vivid Moss? :rofl:


Hopefully they fix that. We’ve had shadow gleam that should of been on the planet but wasn’t on the planet, but hopefully it’s not gleam mountains every time.

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Speak for yourself I’d always want gleam mountains :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Which exos are still left? Eleram?

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Yeah for another 12-13 hrs I believe

Well, if we get a group of special ones all at once, remember the Exo Taxi service! :slight_smile: Those of us doing this want to make sure that you all have a chance to go if you want to; I plan to be a very busy taxi if this happens, haha! -


I hope if we get some special Halloween exos they are T3 so everyone can enjoy them.

Besides, what’s the big rush for T8s? I’d like to wait until there is something to make them special besides harder to break blocks.