First thing that comes to your mind when

… you think about rented worlds (defined as the public worlds with owner controlling permissions for such planets).

Please share your typical doubts/questions the subject brings for you.

For starters:

  1. Rented worlds vs. Gleam Club.
    Will there be accumulation of costs for GC owners? Or will rented worlds cost less when GC applies? Maybe renting world(s) cost could be reduced by the running GC cost?
    Or maybe renting world will always cost the full price but will offer fueling owner’s beacons on that world (no matter if the owner is an active GC subscriber; it could be like a local GC, limited to the rented planet)?

  2. Names of world and regions.
    I imagine I will be able to pick world’s name as well as names of all the regions on it. That would make the difference for me (role play options for world owners open up here).


What I think it will be like (Not sure I will rent one with these features):

  • You will be able to select the palette
  • You will be able to vaguely/broadly whitelist or blacklist other players
  • There will be a monthly fee to maintain your world
  • Beacons, plots, Gleam Club will still be needed by the owner (if the owner’s GC runs out, but they paid their planet rent…does the planet go poof?)

What I wish it would be like:

  • There is a monthly fee for the owner (GC is redundant & not required)
  • Default setting is that the owner owns the entire planet, all plots, no beacon needed & can assign a region or X number of plots to other players
  • You will be able to set the palette - possibly allowed to change the palette once every X days
  • You will be able to name your planet
  • If someone decides to harass/troll/etc you or others, you may blacklist them from the planet (they will receive all items/plots back to place elsewhere in the universe)
  • You will be able to assign more specific permissions to players
  • If the owner doesn’t pay the rent, everyone gets a 30 days warning notice to remove/move items or everything will be lost

I think this is more suitable for the private worlds, that are not part of the MMO universe.
Rented worlds are part of global economy and ability to change palette would probably give too much power to owners in terms of providing most sought after colors of blocks. Owning all plots without beacon feels a bit too much for me as well (and if you own all plots already, that means no natural regeneration happening, so limited mining possibilities). It sounds like good private world/server/creative mode feature.

I would not rent a private server, nor would I ever be interested in hosting an instance on my own server. I am also not interested in a creative/god mode version of the game.

If I am paying for the planet, I should have some control over it imo. Otherwise I would just be giving BL extra money for an additional planet for no reason = pointless. There has to be some benefit/incentive for people to rent a planet.

If a person has to pay rent for a planet & GC, what happens when both or either are not paid? Also, if people have to also use plots for their own planet, I think a lot of builds in the public worlds would disappear so that people could use those plots for their rental planet. Do we even need beacons for a rental planet? You pay = everything stays.

I would treat a rental planet the same as I would a club world in other MMOs. Everyone is welcome, free to come in & set up, but I get permissions to make it a little more to my liking.


Permissions for players, deciding who can come in, who can build or mine or gather and who can only visit and take a look or maybe shop - that’s already incentive I think. As well as chosing world’s palette (but not specific colors - that again would be too much, I think).
Being able to build whatever you want without risk of a random player blocking you with their plots, that peace of mind if it comes to long-term planning as no one would be able to plot ahead of you, so you have time to earn plots to expand. That’s all I ask for and getting entire world plotted instantly is too much in my opinion.

Maybe plots for rented worlds could cost half the cubits to make huge projects easier to put in place.

i wonder what others think.

I think a lot of people presume this is the main point of rental planets though. Otherwise you are just paying for another planet to exist in the universe. Why would I spend my money to pay for & maintain someone else’s build?

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I think there are a lot of issues to be considered if/before rental planets are introduced.

I wouldn’t expect any “own instance” you host yourself any time soon whether local or on AWS. I’d expect from a programming perspective they wouldn’t be ready for the authentication and stuff needed… but I could be wrong. I just never saw anything on the roadmap for this type of design.

The original plan was two types (which I assume they host):

private - non universe connected. I figure you will be able to do a lot of things with this and beacons will not be needed.

rented - universe connected. I figure this would be exactly like we see things now with beacons and all other game play minus the ability to define who could “use a beacon” on the planet. I’d expect you could not block people from access the world but still expect it to be connected. The block and troll protection would be on a “can’t build” level and I assume a “mine” level too. Plots were supposed to be unlimited for the builders I thought.

In regards to what comes to mind for me, I’d expect the rented systems to be first and to be as simple and near as possible to our existing game play minus the basic permission level around beacons. I think they will have profiles of planets we can pick and maybe a basic color palette. I would be surprised to see super customization on the first pass unless they plan to spend more time before release. I do think we need a decent level of color customization since people will want to stay on these planets.

I think a 30 day warning is fair but I don’t I am not sure if you should get free beacons but maybe based on cost a discounted GC… I think we need more conversation around the cost model and those type of features. I don’t have a set opinion yet and need to hear each side of why or why not this should happen.

If I rent a planet I would lean towards unlimited plots as well for anyone that I give build access because technically I bought the PLANET. So if plot the whole thing then fine. Another option is no plots but that cannot happen because of regen mechanics.

I also expect I can name the planet and pick the region. The only issue is the size of the planet and how it looks in the sky. I am not sure I want to look up and see 5634 planets. So we definitely need to figure out how that happens.

As I have said before the last main component at least that I know of that was not in place earlier this year was the permissions system.


The player base is itty bitty, adding a huge number of worlds that are unconnected would be a mistake, especially given the grueling new player experience. I would be really surprised if the community didn’t fragment further.

Perhaps a middle ground would be to have an “oortian embassy” be added to each planet where npcs, portals to rented worlds, etc can be placed. This would allow free flow of traffic to the worlds, connection to shops, etc. NPCs could offer quests, smooth out the new player experience, and offer to buy stuff to get elimate the coin minter.

No one becomes isolated, rented worlds can still be controlled, etc.

If someone wants to pay for it, I certainly don’t think it’s an issue if they have a t6 world or whatnot, but I think that any unplotted space can still be harvested/mined.

Essentially, their plots should not be used up, since it is their world after all, but they need to say “I’m building here, don’t mess it up”. So maybe don’t call it plots, call it “zones”, whatever.

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Cool idea. I kinda wish all planets had this tbh.

In terms of rented worlds location, I think owners would be able to decide which region they want it in, and then the world tier. Then the world is placed within existing universe, using existing world generation logic.

There need to be limitations if it comes to specific tier availability, so we don’t end up with too many high tier worlds.

I think it would make sense if initially the system was simple enough and allow rented worlds up to tier 3 only. A few months of gathering data on how rented worlds affect gameplay would be helpful. Issues around advantages of owning high tier planets should be satisfactorily resolved, before tiers 4-6 are allowed. There should be enough lower tier rented worlds created before higher tier become available as well.

Maybe top tier worlds could only be rented by guilds (guild based count of lower tier worlds would unlock high tier world to rent; renting would still happen per user and not as a group buy and it would be up to the guild to figure out how such worlds is shared among members if it comes to building and resource extraction there).

I expect the highest tiers (7, 8) to be excluded from renting.

Should rented worlds include precious resources such as metals & gems? I didn’t think they would.

As far as I understood basic idea there, they would be exactly like the public worlds, just with ability to block others from plotting/mining to give owners chance to enjoy free long-term planning of building as well as hassle free mining of good spots (instead of running into plotted hot spots of whatever resources there are).

Owning high tier worlds would give you access to normal resources based on world type, and you have to deal with the atmosphere and creatures. Normal playing field in that respect (including block armor as well).

Difficulty of making it all work for the entire population may limit such world renting system to tiers 1-3, maybe 1-4. And I wouldn’t mind that. For me it’s all about having some nice looking world with a chance to plot chosen parts and controlling building and mining accessibility for general population.

Hmmm, I see. I personally wouldn’t rent a world just for the ability to blacklist people. I probably wouldn’t blacklist anyone. I thought of it as a more controlled environment to build on, without the hassle of plots/beacons. I would still use the rest of the Universe to go mining, hunting, etc.


I would hope that rented worlds had no restriction on who can mine there, but did have a restriction on who can plot there (with the option to whitelist everyone if the owner so chooses so everyone can plot there)

In this way the owners of rented planets wouldn’t have a monopoly on certain color blocks but they could still build what they want without other people plotting.


Forget blacklisting.
You get a world where initially only you can break unplotted blocks and place beacons.
Then you add permissions to people.

So, it’s like managing a beacon on public worlds, but you manage entire world permissions.

You don’t block anyone, you add chosen players.

Everyone can enter, travel around, but without permissions, players cannot place beacons or break blocks, resources (they can kill creatures of course; no one owns them ;p).

It’s something I thought of as well, but can’t make my mind up which one I would prefer more.

Sure breaking unplotted blocks/resources would help a lot in terms of balancing the power between rented worlds owners and the rest of the population.

yea i think do in the current sate the playerbase cant handle rented worlds you would have some people still on the main worlds but for the most part it would be even worse then it is now

i also got a feeling the cost vs benfit is going to be crazy low tbh i would see rented worlds being around $20-$30 a month

i would love to see this but the devs have a hard no NPC no dev made buildings rule everything in game has to be player made

lets forget about small player base - this feature won’t be here soon; I don’t want to discuss how this feature would affect the game in its current state

it’s just sharing thoughts about something that might happen in more distant future like the end of this year the earliest, maybe next year (assuming player base grows significantly after farming and a few more things come in and make the game more complete)

Yeah I kind of agree. No worlds with gems or higher tier items unless they are disconnected from the universe.

I wouldn’t agree to even have them guild oriented. At best I could see if we did offer a high tier world that it would be more expensive and that all people would be allowed to access and there could only be a few.

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