[Fixed] Forum layout on Android oopsie

I chose to ‘switch to desktop version’ on the forum options on my Android. Now I can’t switch back and it prevents me from seeing a lot of the screen. Like the top right options for seeing notifications and profile. (screenshot)


I am unable to scroll to the right further than “discor…”

Closing the tab and reopening the tab didn’t switch it back to mobile version?

Also if you can change the size of the text you can get all to fit.

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Wait… You gotta go landscape to be able to see it all. This fixes the problem but maybe this isnt meant to happen?

Closing /reopening didn’t fix it. Haven’t tried the text change, thanks

FIXED: Go horizontal mode -> Press the 3 bars in the top right -> at the very bottom of the window will say ‘use mobile view’.

I’ll leave this here incase another idiot runs into the same problem :fist: