[FIXED] PS4 Players Unable to Connect To Boundless after Release 239

Hi All,

We are aware that PS4 players are having currently experiencing issues connecting to Boundless.

We are investigating it and will update everyone once fixed.

Thank you for your patience!


topic is already open :slight_smile:

It is but this is an official announcement from us at Boundless HQ :slight_smile:


Ok so I’ve checked for another update after the update. Everything has been updated and I only get “ your connection to the game server has been lost”
I’ve restarted a few times. Nothing is changing.


yeah me too on ps4

Hello i have exactly the same problem on PS4

confirmed- no connection for ps4



Maybe check if the creation mode restrictions for ps4 is bleeding into ps4 connecting to the game period.

here the same, connection loss

Yeah I’ve tried everything at the moment and I can’t connect to the Game Server at all

Can you please submit a game log after the failure to connect?

how can i send the log? i know this Option only if the game complete break

How do I do that? I cannot get into the game.

yes thats the only way on ps4 that ill know too…

There is my game log. :joy:. James, there is no option in ps4 to send a log. From here you keep trying or close the application. You also cannot submit anything to the game from the ps4 user Interface.

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Is everyone who is reporting this seeing it occur on PS4 only?

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Yes it seems so.

yes it is exact this

I fired up steam right away on my pc. But ps4 cannot get passed the log in.