Flat plot map

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Me and my 5 alts all have plots smashed together in the same area.

It became obvious to me today that I have NO clue which alt goes to what area, other than to put each beacon as a destination to even find the thing.

I started to mark out the plots on graph paper, but I keep losing count.


The above doesn’t seem to update anymore …

Do one of you more informed players know of a way to get a flat map with the plots showing?

Your time is valuable and I appreciate it.

The world atlases on Boundlexx may have what you’re looking for. You can browse through the worlds on there and click on “World Atlas” to get maps like this one: https://www.boundlexx.app/atlas/37/

They may take a while to load depending on how many beacons there are and especially how many shop stands are on the planet.

EDIT: After looking around a bit on my home world, I don’t think these are up to date either. Might have to wait until James publishes another set of maps.

I use this app every day, but to look up colors and resources.

I don’t think I ever clicked on that. The print is tiny to me old eyes LOL
And no, they are not updated.
But, info is info. I can’t believe I totally missed these options
Thank you :smiley_cat:

I believe Boundlexx only pulls updated plot data when James releases maps, so that data would be 1 year old in 8 days.



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