Flat Sovereign Planet Configuration

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remember this - if you pick well above minimum number of biomes, they will be spawned in smaller chunks throughout the planet, meaning you will most likely not have larger flat areas

it is better to pick the minimum required number of biomes (from my experience) if you are aiming at larger areas of a certain type (and of course pick a lot of flat biomes like farmland and golf course and flower fields - that way, if 2 or 3 of those happen to be adjacent, you will have really huge flat regions)

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I did exactly that with my last one, and got like 10 gleam lakes :frowning: in separate locations. So until the planet generator gets a bit more updated… will just pray it goes well.

best thing would probably be to not have the biome limits, that way, you choose 1 biome for the entire planet. But reasons.

indeed you will have every biome repeating multiple times on the planet, but they will be fairly large areas instead of tiny chunks - and if you have a lot of different flat biomes they will create really big lowlands when they spawn next to one another

I created a hunting T3 world that way (no mountain, no water and no ice biomes) and also another T3 with some mountains (just required number of biomes). Both have huge lowland areas.

well, in current selection I only have the Sawtooth Mountain and Scenic Mountains as high altitude, the rest should be all fairly flat. Will see.
Also this time I got a 20 euro planet, the 4.5 km
If this one doesn’t pan out either than I’ll stop with the private planets. It’s literally a waste of money.

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I did 9 or 10 runs to get the world I want (I mean the one with some mountains, not the hunting one - the hunting came up good enough the first time).

I started with 3 mountain (don’t count hilly biomes like flower field 2) and eventually realized that I must go down to just 1 if I don’t want all the flat biomes to be abruptly cut off all the time and thus limited in size.
Even 2 mountain biomes was too much to ensure good large lowlands.

With 1 mountain biome you will have it repeating 5 or 6 or 7 times around the planet and that’s ok. But with 2 you have over 10 mountain groupings and that means limited chance of getting lowlands of satisfying size.

Good luck though. Who knows, maybe you will do ok with what you inserted last time.

Well, maybe you are ok with throwing away 100 euro or more. I don’t find any enjoyment in it.
Will see, if I get at least 2-3 biomes that are flat I’m ok.
Don’t plan to build an entire planet. and the medium one has like 50 biomes I think

We followed what I said above and got a very flat planet with limited mountainous areas and even the ones that are are easy to navigate for the most. But I am sure mileage may vary based on how the RNG decides to behave :smiley:

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I didn’t enjoy it, but I was really getting messy worlds and that’s how I ended spending the money.
If I had waited a few weeks and read about other people experiences and learnt from it (what biomes to pick etc) then I would have saved a lot of money.

That’s why I am posting here for you, so you can use what I learnt and maybe avoid re-rolling too many times.

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I do appreciate the answers from both of you. I’m just frustrated about the money drain system they have in place.
Will see later in the evening after work what planet I get.

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Because it would be too easy to pick a single biome to make that specific resource spawn well above what it should.

I would try to replicate the configs in the local universe on test, at least if you know the limits you can try it over there.

I already got the planet :smiley:
it has a lot of mountains but nothing horrible, it’s ok. and also found a space big enough for what I want. The “trick” I think it was the planet size, it had to be big enough. Will keep it as is and move on with my other projects :slight_smile: .

If anyone wants to see it, it;s in a corner if the TNT main hub. Called Oort.

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I’m glad you are happy with the result.

I have 3 worlds and other than that 9 or 10 rolls for the T3 world for my building projects, the other two (T3 and T4 hunting worlds) were good the first roll. That always feel good when you are content with the way your world comes up at your first try.

Best biome for a big flat stretch I’ve seen is a lv 7 one, Gleam Spiral. I’ve gotten a lot of variation in the amounts I’ve gotten in fairness, but it is pretty level, no holes, just a few dark glass obstructions, and pretty too, the gleam lights it up a little at night. Pretty ideal for building and Roadrunner sniping.


that lower level strata is cool too - although not sure what’s the largest unobstructed size you can get from that one

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gleam spiral, stata slice, salt flats, the lawn one… … all good… think there are others


had good results on Flat Black [Flat Black] --[T3 - Rugged Lush Creative World]-- [Active]

But since its a creative world I was able to choose less biomes.


Have you seen gleam sprial affecting resource deposits below it?

It seems like it would be a good choice to throw in with gleam rain for a ruby planet to help flatten it out.
(yes i know that’s one of the hardest ones to roll)

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I’ve seen spots of it both with and without- even with, not as good as Graveyard or Ancient Village. But there are so few ruby biomes, it is a good one to take as an extra since it at least won’t ruin the good ones by raising them too much, and you’ll get a good hunting ground. :slight_smile:

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awesome thanks

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