Flipping things upside down

I’m not fully awake yet, but is it accurate to say there is no way for me to flip this book so it displays upside down on a table?

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I don’t think you can (this likely was meant to be that way with no options) unless you try placing from another side or have a block at the same level beside it and try placing against that block instead of the one it sits at.

At one point I was pushing to have a tool that we could use that would rotate a block in all the ways it would work. But they didn’t have time… I was going to make it the special item I could request as an Oortian… I’m hoping the new devs will give us some options like this. It would be so helpful in so many building areas to be able to rotate blocks through their options.

Yeah most props seem to be limited on how they can be rotated, which is a pity as creativity could go sky high with some props :wink:

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