Floating trees/mountain tops

Hello all!

I know this has been mentioned before but to the devs, is there anything in the development that is aimed at this? I decided to expand my base and was unlucky to have 2 horrible regions next to me. Current beacon plots are ~5000 about 650 plots of which went to claiming floating trees and mountains. More than 10% of the beacon plots are wasted.

To players, did you have to waste so much plots on similar things? Console me with some numbers xD

Edit: This is not to mention the wasted time and tools used to individually snipe a single foliage or rock here and there then having to regen and seeing if you missed something, etc etc.

I mean, absolutely not on the same scale as you but Finata has some super tall trees and densely populated foresty areas. I reckon about 35% of my used plots are wasted on trying to get rid of trees.

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In my case about 10% of my plots are being wasted, but not on trees that much, mostly on open areas like water.