🌹 Flower trading in Stars Hollow, SHPR (at 7:30est pm, 6:30 cst pm)

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Happy lovestuck everyone,

We decided that we will be flower trading every day around the same time during the event (I am pretty sure other guilds will be doing the same, just like last year).

For those that may want to do some flower trading come over to SHPR, we will be doing it in our market area just because,

We will be posting the time we will do the flower trading on here, the chat in game and maybe on discord as well, so keep an eye out.

We will try to do some flower trading at least ones per day during the event.

We will hand out and have some fun trading :smile:, and hopefully get a good amount of those lovely rocks.


Great initiative organizing this before the event. Excuse me but where is SHPR and how to reach it? Thanks.


We are located in tana, you can get to us from a portal somewhere in tnt, ps biitula and DK mall.


Unfortunately I can’t find any SHPR portal at any of the aforementioned places. Or does the portal have a different name?

Edit: Ok its Stars Hollow xD.

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I just gave up finding the place :slight_smile:, Will check back if anybody wants to update with a clear location.

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It might be a little confusing because I don’t think it was mentioned that SHPR = “Stars Hollow Purple Rain”.

Here are some screenshots of the portals:

From TNT:

The TNT portal takes you to the main hub, the market portal is right under it:

From DK, it’s in the portal room underneath the main floor:

From EZPZ, it’s behind the “Zone Basic” section:

I hope that helps clear up the confusion!


PS Bitula portal (to main hub):

DK portal to the main hub (right above the one to the market):


I was going to take some pictures later today, thank you for saving me the trouble :smile: :rose: :heart: , you forgot the one in PS biitula. And the DK portal, we actually have another you can actually see the other 2 on top.

SHPR I just the guild aberration, but the portal names is Stars Hollow United, or market (if it goes to our market) or purple rain if it goes to that district in our city.

I will be posting a notification here an hour before our flower trading starts, every day during the event hopefully, same time.

@Lancelotz I updated my post with the other portals. :slight_smile:

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So the flower trading will start at 7:30 est, 6:30 cst, for us.

I would give you directions but our buddy on top has done it for me,

We will be in our market (Stars Hollow Market), we will be hanging out for a bit so come along and trade some flowers.

So in about 30 mins?

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So we will be having another trading flowers today at 7:30pm est and 6:30pm cst, hope to see some people there.

Flower trading tonight at 6:30pm cst, 7:30 pm est, hope to see you there, we had lots of fun last night.

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Flower trading tonight at 6:30pm cst, 7:30 pm est, hope to see you there. :smiley:

Flower trading same time

Tonight at 7:30 est flower trading at Stars Hollow United.